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Good Deeds International's (GDI)
Mechanism of Operation

Why We Are Unique - Our Creative Strategy       
Good Deeds is unique because of our creative ability to recruit, educate and inspire a new generation of counter child trafficking advocates to support the elimination of the buying and selling of children. 

A Simple Strategy
Children are not objects to be traded and sold.  We know you want to help. Good Deeds International envisions a world where children are not objects traded and sold into the sex industry or bonded labour markets. Of the estimated 218 million children currently engaged in child labour, up to 2 million were trafficked. These children need more than our empathy, they need our direct action.

Good Deeds exists to change the prevailing ideology that surrounds the possibility of eradicating child-trafficking. This goal is achieved by educating former child trafficking victims or those at risk to it, to become Expert Counter Trafficking Practitioners; and by increasing the number of counter trafficking advocates committed to the cause worldwide. To this end Good Deeds uses creative, innovative and inspirational techniques to raise awareness about child trafficking in an effort to inspire new advocates to assist in the eradication of the modern day child-slave trade.

What is creative, innovative and inspirational about Good Deeds International?

Currently, Good Deeds is customizing Big Deeds, an environmentally friendly 4WD multi media monster truck, which will be used to educate the general public about child trafficking and to raise financial support for two major projects – R.E.A.C.H. and our Drive to Stop the Traffic campaign. REACH (Remote Education, Anti-Trafficking & Community Health) is an educational project in Laos that uses 4WD vehicles to deliver health supplies and counter trafficking workshops to indigenous communities at-risk to trafficking. We are also starting counter trafficking work in the Solomon Islands. Once the REACH project has been implemented, and after Big Deeds has recruited advocates and raised funds, our Drive To Stop the Traffic will take place. The campaign – the most inspirational counter child-trafficking campaign in history - will see a team of advocates spend 1.5 years driving environmentally friendly 4WD vehicles around the world to create counter trafficking networks and community partnerships with grassroots organizations. Such partnerships will lead to the development of state-of-the-art schools that will educate former child trafficking victims or those at risk to it, to become Expert Counter Trafficking Practitioners. Additionally, the location of the schools will serve as a platform to engage in future earned-income strategies for long-term school and community partner sustainability.

Our donors and advocates just like you will be able to come teach and volunteer with us at these schools.

A Simple Strategy: Five Year Plan
Year One  -  2006/2007

Phase 1   Develop expertise in child labor reduction and education. Establish a nonprofit framework/strategy to fill the gaps in the counter child-trafficking industry.

Year Two  - 2007/2008

Phase 2   Build a bold and unique symbol that generates interest, curiosity and enthusiasm for Good Deeds and counter trafficking advocacy.
Phase 3   Use that symbol to recruit and educate advocates to support Good Deed’s mission.
Phase 4   Enable new advocates to support a counter trafficking pilot project with our grassroots partners in Laos, Cambodia and the Solomon Islands.

Year Three - 2008/2009

Phase 5   Use the counter trafficking pilot projects as a model to establish counter trafficking community partnerships (a Good Deeds Network) with anti slavery grassroots organizations in developing countries.
Phase 6   Initiate the Drive to Stop the Traffic – a literal drive around the world using 4WDd trucks, lasting 1.5 year, and traveling more than 60,000 miles. “The Drive” will nurture and develop our network while generating funds to support and grow it. We will also determine where our counter trafficking schools will be built in cooperation with our new grassroots partners.
Years Four & Five - 2010/2012

Phase 7   Use our grassroots community partnerships to build state of the art counter trafficking schools that will educate former child-trafficking victims or those at-risk to it, to become Expert Counter Trafficking Practitioners.
Phase 8   Use these schools to unite students, Good Deeds’ advocates and supporters around the world in life-long relationships that significantly reduce the number of children bought and sold for exploitation.

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