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Global Nomads Group (GNG)
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Today''s youth are quite possibly the most media and technologically savvy generation there has ever been. It goes without saying that this degree of sophistication deserves an equally sophisticated - and creative - pedagogical approach. As a complement to traditional textbooks, GNG''s programs harness technology in a way that both arouses students'' curiosity and puts them in charge of their own education.

The magic of live broadcasting - Much like modern-day TV can captivate its audience by adding a live component to its broadcasts, GNG''s live events add a dose of reality to the learning experience, bringing children straight to the source.

Timeliness and relevance - beyond the excitement offered by technology itself, our topics of discussion often look to current events to add spice and timeliness to our events themselves. For example, at various times our programs have introduced subjects as varied as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Kyoto Protocol, and the war with Iraq.

GNG programs empower students - A typical GNG program calls for each participating class to have its own moderator(s). The moderator is in charge of opening and closing statements and of making sure discussions run smoothly. Without any direct intervention from teachers or adults, students are encouraged to become true ambassadors for their countries or communities.

GNG pairs schools together ahead of time, provides participating classes with supporting reading material and videoconferencing scripts that delineate the structure of each event and provide cues for moderators.

The cost for schools varies from program to program and can range from free for underprivileged schools or schools accessing the events via the web, to $200 per class involved in a point-to-point conference. We emphasize the importance of enabling as many classes to participate regardless of their socio-economic level, and deliver our programs for free whenever possible by leveraging our relationships with technology sponsors.

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