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Activities and Programs

Global Security & Rule of Law Programme

Through its Global Security and Rule of Law Programme the ICJ is mobilizing its worldwide network, building coalitions and stepping up its monitoring and interventions, to persuade governments that counter-terrorism measures must respect the rule of law and human rights and humanitarian law. The programme brings the lessons of history to bear on today''s problems and seeks to break down the barriers between policy-makers and human rights advocates.

Judges & Lawyers Programme

Through the Judges and Lawyers Programme the ICJ works for justice systems in countries around the world to be independent in law and practice, impartial and active in protecting human rights and freedoms and promoting the rule of law.

International Economic Relations Programme

The ICJ International Economic Relations Programme addresses the legal accountability of increasingly powerful non-state economic actors when their conduct negatively affects human rights. In 2006 the main priority for the programme is to shape the concept of business complicity in international crimes.

International Law & Protection Programme

International law is a living tool. It must constantly evolve so victims are better protected and states are held accountable. Through the International Law and Protection Programme the ICJ takes a leading role in shaping and working for new global and regional international law when existing standards and mechanisms do not adequately protect, and for international law to be put into practice nationally. The ICJ puts particular emphasis on tackling impunity and working for victims to obtain remedies and reparation.

In addition to its four thematic programme areas, the ICJ has five regional programmes.

Middle East & North Africa

The Middle East and North Africa are important both for the ICJ''s Global Security and Rule of Law Programme and its Judges and Lawyers Programme, with Egypt, Iraq and Sudan identified so far as priority countries for in-depth work in 2006-07. The ICJ will also continue to monitor rule of law developments throughout the region and intervene accordingly, with a special focus on Israel and the Palestinian Occupied Territories. The ICJ will continue to build its presence in the region and develop a constituency among Arabic speaking judges and lawyers who may have little access to comparative or international standards, practices or thinking

Latin America

In Latin America the independence and effectiveness of the judiciary, as well as impunity, are key issues for the ICJ, with particular priority in 2006 given to Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Counter-terrorism is a significant issue of concern in Colombia.

Europe/North America & CIS

Europe and North America are high priorities for the ICJ''s work on counter-terrorism and human rights. New laws and policies adopted or debated since 11 September 2001 pose a major rule of law challenge in the region.


The Asian region is a priority for the ICJ''s Global Security and Rule of Law Programme and its Judges and Lawyers Programme, with Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand so far identified as countries for in-depth work in 2006 to 2007. Impunity and the role of courts in protecting civilians during a conflict also continue to be significant themes for the ICJ in the region. In 2006 the ICJ will expand its country offices in Nepal and Thailand as well as its network of Commissioners, National Sections and Affiliates in the region. The ICJ will seek funding to set up a regional presence by 2007.


The independence and accountability of judges and lawyers is a dominant theme in the ICJ''s Africa Programme. Counter-terrorism is primarily an issue in East Africa. Kenya and Zimbabwe have been identified as priority countries for 2006-2007. In the past the ICJ had a large programme of work on Africa, which has been more limited in recent years. During this strategic period the ICJ is working to re-establish its profile in the region and strengthen its network.

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