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Staff and Members

FORGE is comprised of 162 field staff and 3 domestic staff.
In addition to the 150 refugee field staff members .
FORGE supports twelve volunteer Project Managers and International Communications Managers who help facilitate project sustainability throughout the year.
These international staff members monitor all FORGE programs, conduct regular evaluations, and document activities.
Domestic staff members work from the United States to raise awareness about FORGE''s operations, expand donor support, and manage administrative tasks.
FORGE also relies on the guidance of its Board of Directors, and the support of its partner organizations.

US Staff
Kjerstin Erickson -         Executive Director
Abby Speight -              Programming Director
Vaughn Hester -            Outreach Director
Ian Ang -                       Web-Based Marketing Associate

Field Staff
Pierre Bula                     FORGE Health Services Coordinator, Meheba
Graham Cooke              Programming Consultant, Mwange
Kambilo Emmanuel        Mwange Library Head Librarian, Mwange
Sherie Gertler                 Meheba Project Manager
Joseph Kaje                   FORGE Microlending Project Agricultural Loan                              Officer, Meheba                 
Roy Kazanda                 Project Manager Assistant, Meheba
Patrick Kasongo             Mwangaza Education Centers Coordinator, Meheba
Sabah Khan                    Meheba Project Manager
Andre Kitente                 FACE AIDS Coordinator, Mwange
Carol Maambo               Kala Project Manager
Michel Malawa               Journal Mwange, Mwange
Bartholomeo Masuwa     Meheba Scholarship Fund Education Officer, Meheba
Laura Messenger            Mwange Project Manager
Ernest Munyentwali         Meheba Preschools Coordinator, Meheba
Robert Mutombo             Meheba Friendly Libraries Head Librarian, Meheba
Jacob Muyaya      Block H Reliable Seed and Market ProgramCoordinator .Meheba
Sango Crispin Ndau         Mwange Repatriation Center Coordinator, Mwange
Jacqueline Ndjimbavalua   Meheba Women''s Center Coordinator, Meheba
Francis Nduba Numbi      Mwange Computer Center Coordinator / Head Teacher, Mwange
Stephanie Puccetti           Kala Project Manager
Audrey Reese                  FORGE Education Fund – University Project Manager
Nick Reese                     Camp Operations Coordinator
Lambo Sandra                Project Manager Assistant, Mwange
Jean Kabengele Tshibanda  Peace Education and Computer Training Coordinator, Meheba

Board of Directors
Nicholas Talarico           President
Adelard Muyakana         Treasurer
Karen Erickson              Secretary
Naomi Gleit
Karen Johnson

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