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Shumuu (Candles) Association for Humanitarian Rights and Developing Local Community
History and Background
Shumuu Association for Human Rights and Care for Disabled People was established in 2001 named The National Centre for Human Rights and Aid for Disabled People. Then, it was registered as an association- according to The Ministry of Social Affairs- named SHUMUU ASSOCIATION FOR HUMAN RITHS AND AID FOR DISABLED PEOPLE.
It is an independent non governmental organization, it has been established as a non profitable, civilian Attorney company, with the voluntarily efforts of its members. The Association is working in the mainframe of legitimacy and along with the mechanism of the national and constitutional law as well as the international treaties and conventions regarding human rights.
In general, Shumuu Association aims to improve the condition of People with disabilities and their families by supplying them with legal and social assistance as well as ensuring their complete care with respect to their social and economical level.

The organization goals:-
1-providing people with disability with legal assistance &better integration in the society.
2-training and rehabilitation of people with disability.
3-increasing national awareness by development, environment and human rights cases.
4-contributing in the sustainable development in rural and urban areas.
5-spreading democratic values.
6-exchanging experiences, and coordinating with  interested organization .
7- achieving health and economic care ,providing job opportunities, and equality among different categories. 
General Objectives :-
Generally Speaking, SHUMUU is looking forward to improve the condition of disabled people as well as women by supplying them with legal and social assistance , besides ensuring  their complete care with respect to their social and economical level .
SHUMUU will also monitor and document the violations to which they are subjected to and work on reducing it as far as possible within the framework of legality and the protection ensured to them in the national legislation and the international treaties and conventions regarding human rights .
Detailed objectives : 
Shumuu For Human Rights and Aid f3or The Disabled is looking forward to achieving the following goals and objectives:
1. Providing legal and judicial assistance to people with disabilities and poor women as well as their relatives.
2. Work on establishing legal awareness to disabled persons and poor women in regard to their rights which are guaranteed by them by the national instruments and the constitution as well as the international treaties and conventions of human rights .
3. Work on the conformity of  the current laws, decrees and regulations with the Constitution and the International Covenants concerning human rights - putting into consideration the condition of these targete categories.
4. Besides working on creating more effective laws for the benefits of these categories of the society without contravening the Constitution and international treaties and Covenants concerning the human rights.


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