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IMIC-International Multireligious Intercultural Centre-Zajedno
Organizational Structure

Chapter IV of IMIC Statute explains the Structure of the Authorities

According to Article 13, The main authorities of IMIC are

General Assembly

Directorate (that plays the role of the Steering Committee)

Monitoring Committee


The mandate of these authorities is 4 years with the possibility of extension.


According to Article 14, the General Assembly of IMIC meets once a year and it has the highest authorities in the organization. On the request of Directorate or at least 10 (ten) members of IMIC, a special Assembly can be called into session. According to Article 15 the General Assembly is composed of all members of IMIC, with the same voting right, and it can work and decide when more that one half of all members is present. The Assembly of IMIC cannot be discharged, since it consists of all members of IMIC.

For the realization of the concrete thematic units and assignments, the General Assembly and the Directorate can form working groups, expert teams, and commissions whose work will be defined in scope and time by the decisions on formation.


The work of the General Assembly consists of:

-          Bringing, changing and adoption of the Statute

-          Appointing and discharging the members of the Directorate and Monitoring Committee

-          Appointing the person who represents the organization

-          Adopting Annual working plan and Financial plan of IMIC, no later than December, each year.

-          Adopting the reports of Monitoring Committee and other reports relevant and significant for organization

-          Deciding on alliance with other associations and organizations, unions, merging with them or secession from them, transformation and termination of the work and other changes in status of the association

-          Discussion of other issues related to the work and activities of IMIC

-          Adoption the Annual Report on Work-Activities and Annual Financial report, by the end of the month of March, at the latest, in current year, for the previous year


The General Assembly brings all decisions by voting, simply by majority of members who vote. In order for the General Assembly to decide, quorum has to be present, and quorum is established by 10 members of the Assembly. When decisions related to status of the association are brought, one half of all members of association have to be present, and voting is done by qualified majority.   The General Assembly is called in session and presided by President of Assembly. The president of the Assembly has four years mandate. Assembly can be called in session upon recommendation from director or 10 members of the Assembly (10 members of IMIC in fact). The President of the Assembly prepares the sessions of the Assembly in cooperation with Director and Directorate. The President of the Assembly signs all decisions of the Assembly and cares about their implementation, together with the Director of the association.


According to Articles 21, 22 and 23, Directorate is executive authority of the organization and the highest authority between two sessions of General Assembly.

Directorate of IMIC has at least 3 (three) and can have the maximum of 9 (nine) members. They are elected by the General Assembly for the mandate of four years. The most common composition of the Directorate is 4 representatives of 4 main religions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Islam, Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Judaism). Every member of Directorate can be chosen several times for the same function. This means that the mandate of members of Directorate can be prolonged. Directorate can only be discharged by the decision of the Assembly. Every member of Directorate can be discharged after the proposal made by either Director or Monitoring Committee, and Director can only be discharged on the proposal of Monitoring Committee. Every member of Directorate has right to appeal to the Assembly against these decisions, and Director can appeal to both the assembly and Directorate.


Director of Directorate –Director of IMIC has his Deputy

The decisions of the Directorate are made by votes of more than one half of the members of Directorate

Director of the Directorate calls into session and presides on meetings of Directorate.

Special session of Directorate can be initiated by Director of IMIC or by Monitoring Committee.

Directorate is responsible for its work to the General Assembly.

Directorate brings decisions about individual activities and work according to the Annual Working Plan

Directorate prepares the sessions of the Assembly

Directorate implements policy, conclusions and other decisions which were brought by the Assembly

Directorate decides on execution of the financial plan, brings decisions on membership fee, about exclusion and termination of membership, approves contracts and agreements and does other work, as it is envisaged by this Statute.

Directorate prepares and proposes the draft for the modifications of Statute and other acts which brought by this Statute  

Directorate submits Annual working plan and Financial plan (no later than in December each year), and Annual Report on activities and Financial report ( by the month of March at the latest in the current year for the previous year) for adoption by the Assembly and it nominates Working groups for making these plans and reports

-Directorate handles all issues related to the property of the association


Directorate meets at least four times in a year.

Directorate can make decisions when more that one half of all members of Directorate is present.


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