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IMIC-International Multireligious Intercultural Centre-Zajedno
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Recent Activities in the Arab Republic of Egypt: IMIC tries to address problems and issues that exist in these fields and to secure peaceful coexistence in our diversified society. The Centre also has a Library containing books and materials on topics covered by IMIC projects, and this Library is going through process of improvement at the moment, with establishing Women`s section and reading room, and after signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Library of Alexandria in Egypt in June/July 2009.  Therefore, the organization already established relations with  Alexandrina Library through three working visits, and the Working group will continue its activities until organization is registered in Egypt, premises/office bought and Centre founded, and until the implementation of the first activities that are envisaged starts to take place in this new Centre.  With signing the Memorandum of Understanding- MoU, a new value is added to this cooperation, since it is an official document stating that the cooperation will be established and promoted between Library of Alexandria and IMIC Library, and that joint activities, that IMIC has already started (through internships, cataloguing and describing of books in BCS-working practice, books exchange) in the field of librarianship and science of libraries will be continued and fostered in the future, on the part of both institutions.


During the first working visit, two IMIC staff passed the general introductory program of one month internship in the Library of Alexandria, within which they acquired the general knowledge about library and its services, sectors, departments, multimedia, references, cataloguing and classification of books, as well as the ways in which this can be applied on a small scale in IMIC Library, that was specialized for particular fields and materials aforementioned exclusively. During the second and third working visit, IMIC staff was involved in classification of the books in the Alexandria Library, and mainly of the books in BCS (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian) language that were donated to the Library, but not classified and therefore were kept in store, instead of the shelves. This work will be continued until all books in BCS that Library possesses are described and classified in cataloguing. Also visits were made to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Arab Republic of Egypt (Department of Human Rights and Department for Cooperation with non-governmental organizations) and data gathered about the procedure of registering IMIC as foreign non-governmental organization in Egypt and buying the adequate space/office for the future centre in Alexandria. IMIC also established contacts with Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Cairo, Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of both B&H and Egypt and External Relations Sector of the Library, and similarly with other organizations active in Egypt that work on similar issues, like Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, and Al Mansour Cultural Foundation, and with several libraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina that already have cooperated with Alexandrina Library and eventually some of them signed Memorandums of Understanding.


The idea of opening the centre in Alexandria was born gradually, and it was taken in consideration that there are already good relations between the city of Alexandria and city of Sarajevo, that there is cooperation among several libraries in B&H and Alexandria Library, and that Bosnia and Herzegovina has an Embassy in Cairo willing to support this initiative, in another city of Egypt, and also willing to organize one Conference in the Library in which this initiative, among other issues will be promoted.  International Multireligious Intercultural Centre is active on state and regional level, but now, 18 years since its existence, it implemented successfully the projects at home and abroad, in other countries, what was particularly meaningful and necessary in times of war. Presently, in the after-war period, when Bosnia and Herzegovina is still struggling to prove its existence and multicultural multiethnic character, despite some separatist ambitions and movements within the country, , as well as its multi-religiosity as non-debatable fact and character, IMIC believes that a Centre in Alexandria will help to promote this dialogue, culture, and cooperation in a wider context, and that the follow-up activities envisaged by this project, as well as the exchange between libraries that has already started, will have a more important and long-term impact on fostering dialogue, promoting our goals, and better relations between states of B&H and Egypt, especially when cultural and scientific exchange are in question.


For B&H and its non-governmental sector, getting out of the local context becomes more important in times of globalisation, and while confirming the new civilizational values, and fighting the clash of cultures that have existed and took more serious shape, in recent years.  IMIC wishes to express the belief is that its Centre will promote better what has already been done by now, especially in the field of cultural exchange, and that the outreach will be much greater than the one that can be achieved when acting only locally and regionally. IMIC is still active with its on-going projects and this initiative only builds- on what has been already achieved. Two additional centres, besides the main one in Sarajevo, are open in B&H, and Centre in Alexandria will be the first official registration outside of B&H. Though the organization did have activities in foreign countries, and abroad especially during the war, this will be the first official registration abroad. This is seen as an important and progressive initiative that will help calming down tensions that exist on the small scale in B&H, by promoting diversity on a wider and more significant level.  Competence and readiness to implement this ambitious project is testified in numerous successful and high-budget projects and activities that organization has implemented and finalized by now, some of them have aforementioned and shortly described above.


All activities, programs, reports and news are announced on IMIC website.



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