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IMIC-International Multireligious Intercultural Centre-Zajedno
Mechanism of Operation

IMIC is legal entity and it has all characteristics, responsibilities and obligations of the legal entity which are further defined by this Statute. According to Article 6 of the Statute, the work and activities of IMIC and public and transparent. The internal reports are published, and all reports on work and activities are put at disposal of all members of IMIC Broader public is regularly informed about the activities of the organization.

Media, press conferences, publications, brochures, flyers and journals inform the public about the responsibilities and  programs of IMIC. The purpose of organization’s activities is aimed at public as well. IMIC is legal entity and it has all characteristics, responsibilities and obligations of the legal entity which are further defined by this Statute.


The activities of IMIC are based on accomplishing program goals and undertaking activities with the purpose of accomplishing these goals. They are primarily:


-All activities for accomplishing the program goals

-Organizing exhibitions, symposium and other similar events in accordance with program goals

-Organizing different events (forums, roundtables, lectures, projections, performances and alike)

-Cooperating with other centres in the world and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- Organizing and participation in manifestations dedicated to revival and deepening of inter-religious understanding

-Organizing and helping activities for promotion of dialogue, human rights, reconciliation, peace and justice

- Organizing workshops which have the goal to improve interreligious dialogue, education in the sphere of religion, similar and other subjects, developing culture of reconciliation and human rights, promotion of interculturality and culture in general, also reform of education 

 - Scientific and research activities and work

- Procurement of literature necessary for promotion of multireligiosity, interreligious and intercultural dialogue, and human rights

- Printing the literature necessary for accomplishment of program goals of organization


IMIC is open for cooperation with all similar and alike religious and public organizations, societies and movements which have similar or same program goals and which are based in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina or elsewhere in the world. IMIC can associate with other associations and organizations, can secess from them and transform in accordance with conditions and procedure envisaged by the law, and according to the decision of qualified majority in the Assembly, in presence of one half of all members of the Assembly. Therefore, IMIC is for now,  member of European movement which gathers about 90 organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with orientation towards joining European Union.


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