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IMIC-International Multireligious Intercultural Centre-Zajedno
Staff and Members

Marko Orsolic, Director of IMIC,  +387-61-141-949; orsomarisa@yahoo.com

and IMIC Directorate (four members representing 4 main religions: Islam, Christianity-Orthodoxy and Catholicism, and Judaism),

IMIC Assembly with

President of the Assembly Ms. Vesna Pehar


Contact persons:

a)      Sabina Pstrocki, Project Coordinator, +387-61-486-979;

b)      Zilka Spahic Siljak; Member of IMIC Directorate zilka@bih.net.ba; zilka@cps.edu.ba

c)      Marko Orsolic, Director of IMIC,  +387-61-141-949; orsomarisa@yahoo.com

d)     Arijana Aganovic, Project Assistant, Librarian, IMIC Library,

+387-61-345-583; arijana.aganovic@dijalog.net; arijana.aganovic@gmail.com


Members: 3000 (living in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad in other countries worldwide)


According to Article 9 of the Statute , the member can become anyone who accepts the program goals and aims of IMIC. The member of IMIC can be anyone who is citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, foreigner who has permanent or temporary residence status in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or legal entity which decides to join the organization voluntarily and in the way proscribed by this Statute. Minors can participate in the activities of organization with permission of one parent or guardian. The Assembly appoints honorary members. According to Article 10 of the Statute, priority to membership will be given to theologians of all three monotheistic religions, people who come from or are engaged in mixed marriages, and their children, but also to all individuals interested in inter-religious dialogue, human rights, reconciliation, justice and peace, culture and education, as well as all experts and researchers in the fields of religion, human rights, rights of women and minorities, scientific and research workers who act, write and research within these topics.

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