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Kuwait Trade Union Federation
Staff and Members

1- Khaled M. Alazemi -President

2- Abdul Rahman Alghanim   - Vice-President
Head of Migrant Workers Office

3- Farraj A. Alrashedi  General Secretary

4- Faleh L.Alazemi  - Asst. General Secretary

5- Faiez A. Almutairi  -Finance Secretary

6- Faleh J. Alazemi - Sect. of International  Relations

7- Mohammad  F. Al-Meshwet -Sect. of Internal Relations

8- Mohammad J.Al Hudhainah -Director of Labour Culture Institute  

9- Ahmad A.Althuwaini
10-Awadh SH.Almutairi  -Sect. of Cultural and Information Affairs
Redaction Director of Al-Amel Magazine

11- Fawaz A. Alazemi -Asst.Redaction Director of Al-Amel Magazine

12- Bejad M. Alotaibi -Sect. of Economical and Social Affairs

13- Mohammad M.Alazemi -Sect. of  Working Youth Affairs

14- Salem S . Alajmi - Member

15- Naser ALotaibi - Member

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