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Koshish Foundation
Activities and Programs

Koshish Library Project :
Program Objectives
Make it possible for deserving and un-privileged students to borrow course books during their academic year.
Provide a place where students can sit, read and learn.
Cultivate Give Back To Society attitude among the beneficiaries.
Scholarship/Assistantship Program :
Program Objectives:
Recognize outstanding students for their academic and non-academic excellence.
Provide financial assistance to deserving students.
Cultivate Give Back To Society attitude among the recipients.

Sohni Dharti :
Sohni Dharti (SD) is one of Koshish’s projects. SD has been launched in Pakistan from Jan/2002 . As the name implies it is an effort (a koshish) towards a better Pakistan. Sohni Dharti :
Establishes a computer lab at an appropriate place.
Runs it (all expenses paid) for a fix period of time.
Monitors the lab condition and students''s progress closely.

Program Objectives
a) Provide an opportunity for deserving and un-privileged children to learn basic computer skills.
b) Provide a platform for those who want to make a difference to act as donors/teachers/mentors/etc and practically do something good.

Knowledge Exchange (Bay Area) :

A Professional and Entrepreneurial Knowledge Exchange initiative, Koshish''s Knowledge Exchange Program (KX) will disseminate important information to professional and non-professional individuals.
Attendees will get the benefit of learning, networking, getting valuable advice and tips, generating new ideas together, and making friends.
Through a successful launch of this program Koshish Foundation hopes to create a continuous source of revenue for its ever growing philanthropic activities, and move beyond its financial reliance on a small circle of family members and friends.
Koshish’s Knowledge Exchange project will involve arranging regular lectures on topics interesting to a wide audience. The Knowledge Exchange group will be a fraternity of Koshish well-wishers willing to pay for the privilege of listening informative lectures.
We welcome community members in financially supporting the Knowledge Exchange program. You may become an annual supporter of this program for a $300 donation. Quarterly and per lecture support packages at $100 and $25 are also available. Curious onlookers are always welcome to join without paying anything.


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