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South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAPP)
History and Background

SAP-PK started working in 1987 with the commitment to empower the silent majority of Pakistan. An accord of politically dedicated and enlightened staff, local partners, board members & regional and global networks, inculcates a wide range of opinions and suggestions that helped in carving out the role and direction of SAP-PK.

Organization is empowering the silent majority of society to create democratic and political spaces. Capacity building, human rights education, awareness raising and access to information on policy aspects are the salient features of SAP-PK. Moreover it also supports and creates financial linkages of community based groups and organizations for improving the economic instability.

SAP-PK is an active member of various global forums that are focusing on promoting regional and global alliances of citizens and their organizations, to help advance regional and national agendas of common initiatives to strengthen the capacity of civil society.

Organization is adopting the following principles:
Support informed & active participation of citizens, especially peasants and rural workers (both men and women) in governance structures that benefit in negotiations for their rights & policies
Increase sensitivity, harmony and mainstreaming of women in national economy, politics and legislative reforms in regard to discriminatory laws
Promotion of peace movements and better implementation of existing or new laws by creating links between civil society and state institutions
Community Protection Networks (CPNs) to safeguard vital interests of the poor and the marginalized in the absence of government safety nets
Regional programs towards socio-political & economic cooperation to ensure effective working of SAARC.


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