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History and Background

Organization `s history, background :
•The problems of the Palestinian youth in Lebanon start at an early age, since most of them are unable to continue their studies due to family's inability to afford it.

•The United Nation Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), provides free education for Palestinians, but because of the constant diminution of agency's budget, there are major problems in the system:
For examples, UNRWA offers limited secondary education; this fact has often-forced parents to terminate their children's education due to their inability to pay private school fees; or UNRWA schools operate in a two-shift system, whereby the number of classroom hours is greatly reduced. This system also deprives to the students of the opportunity to involve themselves in extracurricular activities.

•The dropout rates have increased gradually for both females and males. This is especially true at the preparatory levels due to the harsh economic conditions of most Palestinians families. What adds complications is the scarcity in job opportunities. The Lebanese law does not allow the Palestinians to work, except in hard jobs like building and farming without social protection.

•Thus, the youth find themselves in an empty void, with no study, no work and no other alternatives available. This is not helped by the fact that the Palestinian refugee camps contain no clubs, social or entertainment centers. In addition, the youth suffer from a state of despair and depression, since the Palestinians are in continuous worry over their unknown future.

•All of this leads the youth towards immigration to any reachable location: searching for an escape, they mingle in strange societies, culturally and socially, where their traditions and conventions affect them. Most suffer from an inability in adapting and more importantly, some become an easy prey for all kinds of social diseases and gangs. So, many go back to the camp carrying infectious diseases as drug addicts.

•This is why caring for the young generation has become one of the most important issues, to be followed-up by those who took responsibility of the unity, integrity and development of the Palestinian society. They are the future of the Palestinian community here in Lebanon.


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