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Social Communication Center - Ajial
Activities and Programs

Current Projects:
Youth Workshops
People should be generally educated about what happens worldwide. There are basic and international issues and effort is constantly being made to educate people about them. Social Communication Center "Ajial" is making workshops on the following subjects:
Youth is the 21st century
Youth and development is society
Social exclusion
Human rights
Conflict resolution
Aim: Educating the Palestinian society about such issues and providing it with the necessary information about them.Educating the youth about these issues and encouraging them to rise with their minds and their awareness to challenges so that they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities.Doing activities within the Palestinian society (camps) based on the mentioned issues so that the youth can participate.
Place: 3 workshops in Ajial Center Beirut. 3 other
workshops: 1 in Tyre, 1 in Saida and 1 in Tripoli.
Duration of each workshop: 3 days per subject.
No. of participants: about 30 per workshop (of both sexes).

Multipurpose Projects
Social Communication Center also hopes to establish Multipurpose youth centers in each camps where we have a group including:
Public libraries
Language training
Computer center and training
Improving literacy
Strengthening the preparation of student for national curriculumCurrently, Ajial manages since 2000 a Multipurpose center at Nahr el Bared camp, near Tripoli.
Some activities are organized each year as computer and language training. This summer, a work camp will take place in the center with a group from France. This Center reinforces the group of Ajial and creates new vocations. That is why we think it is very important to develop the center network, especially in the South at Ein el Helwe.



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