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Social Communication Center - Ajial
Mechanism of Operation

We are careful through our mechanisms about supporting participation and team work that also includes encouraging initiatives and bravery to take responsibilities in charge. Thus,the mechanism of  operation in our organization works as that :

- General assembly defines the general policy.
- Administrative committee assigns missions for a year in advance.
- Executive office follows up the application.
- Groups and committees are responsible for assigning their own annual program based on the tasks that the administrative committee has assigned or any other activities get along with their conditions and abilities . while the evaluation by the end of the year starts reversely that each group or committee prepares a report that evaluates the whole year work.
- The executive office prepares only one and unified report for all activities and submits it to the administrative committee. After ratifying it , the reports get submitted to the general assembly
- Besides members or groups will be assigned to have a certain task of the general program as appointing some one to prepare and to lead a summer camp or forum or a work shop or publishing a newsletter. This appointed person may also lead a group or a committee or run a center of those that we are trying to launch in the camps. 
So far, we have 3 centers besides the center of Beirut in ( El Bared River- Ein Elhelwa – Sabra) . to develop the team spirit , the general director holds a plenary meeting in the beginning of each month with the activists in groups or committees to exchange their experiences to avoid any possible mistake and also to qualify the workers.
We are used to hold camps for 10 days being invested to the outmost that youth can get the best out of their being together. So, an intensive  agenda is set for the work of the camp and includes:  work shops, lectures, round table discussions, hand work ( theater, painting, carving on glass, etc.) , exchanging experiences and sciences . Plus the closing party that includes a presentation about all the achievements of the trainees during the camp ( singing, drawing, theater) with attendees from local actions and NGOs and also political and social leaders . from these too many activities, many talents and hoppies  are shown up and started lots of relations with their peers that gave them days of joy and happiness they are in need to.


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