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Development No Borders Association
History and Background

Who we are

A group of young people gathered by their interest in different fields of youth work.

Young people who have beliefs, dreams, hopes and expectations in their minds yet not realized.

Young people who have great expectations to develop themselves and their society as well.

Young people who drew a colorful painting of their country’s future, hoping to make dreams come true.

Young people who believe in their abilities to make a difference … young people who stepped over borders to reach development with no borders.


We started as “Loghat El Asr Student Group” at the Faculty of Pharmacy - Al Azhar University, aiming at developing the skills of the Faculty students in using information technology - as it recently became the common universal language. Among our activities, we have organized several cultural sessions, scientific competitions and trips.

One of the main activities conducted then was participating in the Euro-Med Youth Program, as we were the first student group to organize a youth exchange program executed and managed by youngsters. The first youth exchange program was

“Our Stories … Our Culture” 10-20 September, 2002, and the second one was

“Youth and Leisure” 5-15 July, 2003.

Throughout our activities in “Loghat El Asr”, we discovered that we have countless innovative ideas that can benefit a large scale of young people more than just few faculty students. This was just before our graduation from the university, so we decided to continue our youth work through registering a youth organization, and this was only the beginning. With the name of “Development No Borders” we registered our new organization and February 2003 witnessed its birth, to be since then one of the few youth organizations in Egypt targeting young people and led by them.

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