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Development No Borders Association
Activities and Programs

Inside Egypt

1- Our Stories…Our Culture; September 2002

Through this project we got to learn how stories and legends influence our cultures. Since old stories and legends are part of every society’s culture and heritage, subsequently they affect our life in a way. The idea of making an exchange program solely for this aspect is new. Besides it helps young people to share their own cultures and heritages in an interesting way. Through workshops based on discussions, participants from different backgrounds get to know more about each others’ countries. Even young people from the same country, but from different regions, could understand more and more about their country.

2- Youth and Leisure; July 2003


3- Together On The River; March 2004.

In this project we tried to foster friendship and interaction between more than 60 youngsters from different countries and different cultures through discussing an interesting topic which is “Rivers”. It is obvious from the title of the project “Together on the River” that we had two main objectives; first, creating a spirit of friendship and cooperation between the youngsters attending and second, the theme of rivers and related issues. Through different activities done we achieved together as partners our objectives such as free discussions, workshops with different methodologies, lectures, on-site visits and the cultural nights. Those activities helped create a nice team-spirit among participants.

4- Three Events In Our Life; July 2004.

Egypt, Lebanon, Malta, Italy, Spain, and England. Although this project was held only from 1-10 July, 2004, the idea of the project was born one year and half ago within a brainstorming workshop [carried out by young people in Development No Borders]. Within the project, groups of young people from six different courtiers sat together on one table to discuss the main events in our life which are birth, marriage and death. Through these 10 days we discovered how the birth ceremonies are different between the participating countries. As well as the wedding ceremonies, it was different as it depends mainly on the groom and bride religion, their perceptions about marriage and home life diversified. Finally we realized that death concept and circumstances is extremely similar between the different cultures as it is a united Human feeling but they differ in how they deal with it once happened. There were also a long discussion with different points of views on the death and the after life. We conclude that everything is similar theoretically, yet it differs in means of _expression. This certainly depends on the different customs and traditions of countries and nations.

5- Those Still Alive; August 2004.

The aim of this project is to learn about each country great ideals and leaders and the great things they did for their homeland. Subsequently discovering together why they excelled according to each culture. Like in Egypt, president Gamal Abdel-Nasser is considered a great leader because he led the remarkable Egyptian revolution on 23rd of July 1952 and managed to liberate Egypt from the British occupation. Moreover, we all approved on a new concept that a great person not necessarily have to be famous and there are a lot of examples of infamous people who did many great deeds compared to some well known ones.

6-Young Woman … Our Future; November 2004 (Cairo- Alexandria)

Young women of today are the mothers of tomorrow. They play a huge role in bringing up new generations on the basis of open mentalities and accepting and understanding others’ differences.

The main point of the exchange is to learn more about all participating countries through creative workshops and intercultural nights. All the participants get the opportunity to share with the other six different countries their presentations, cooking habits, dancing, singing and anything related to Art and culture.

7- Our Clothes ... Our Culture; November 2004.

Outside Egypt

Youth Exchanges

Dance without Borders; April 2003 (Turkey)
Peace for Development; May 2004 (Egypt)
For a Greener World; June 2004 (Spain)
Active Citizenship; July 2004 (Algeria)
Illegal Immigration; July 2004 (Malta)
Challenge in Finland; December 2004 (Finland)
Start to know, stop to fear, and make a carnival; December 2004 (Lithuania)
United with Mother Nature; January 2005 (Jordan)
Youth Surrounding their Environment; March 2005 (Tunisia)
Understanding the Other; July 2005 (Czech republic)
Independency and Freedom; August 2005 (Czech republic)
In Da jungle … City Jungle, August 2005 (Lithuania)
The India – Palestine and Egypt Exchange Program, February 200 (New Delhi)
Artmosphere, April 2006 (Italy)
Crossing Borders of Diversity Through Activity, 28 April – 8 May 2006 (Poland)


Contact Making Seminar; April 2005 (Italy)
Contact Making Seminar for NGOs; 7-11 September, 2005 (Lithuania)
Sharing Experiences Seminar; 10-15 October, 2005 (Malta).
CMS titles - Step Out of Europe; 23-26 march, 2006 (Lithuania)
CMS titled - Youth Network for peace; 11-14 April, 2006 (Belgium)


EVS about IT; June 2004 (Greece).

Training courses

The Euro Med training course - Creative Organizer; 27 February/2-3 March, 2005 (Molina-Spain).
The Euro Med training course - Democracy; 10-16 March, 2005 (Beirut-Lebanon).
The Euro-Med training course - Creative Organizers: Organizing Youth Exchanges in a Culture of Peace; 13-20 March, 2006 (Molina, Spain)

Euro-Med Platforms

First Euro-Mediterranean Platform; September 2003 (Malta)
Second Euro-Mediterranean Platform; October 2004 (Hungary)

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