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International Youth Foundation
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 IYF’s work is based on the notion that throughout the world successful programs exist that are effectively meeting young people’s needs. In conjunction with our Partners in countries around the world, we work to identify these programs, strengthen their impact, and expand their reach.
Over the last 15 years, IYF and its Partners have accumulated a wealth of knowledge concerning effective strategies for addressing a wide range of children and youth needs—from innovative means of applying technology to enhance young people’s learning to holistic approaches of equipping young people with valuable life skills.

A number of these key learnings are captured in IYF''s What Works in Youth Development series, which examines cutting edge issues in the field and aims to provide practitioners, policymakers, donors, and others supporting youth initiatives with insights into effective practices and innovative approaches impacting young people around the world.

All of IYF’s program activity is clustered around the following four issue areas, which form the core thrust of IYF’s global youth initiatives.

Education to improve the quality of education and increase learning opportunities for young people -- both in and out of school -- through expanded access to information technology, innovative school reform, and instructional support for teachers.

Employability to improve young people''s employment, entrepreneurial, and personal skills as a way to build their capacity for and engagement in productive work.

Leadership and Engagement to inspire, support, and promote youth engagement and the role of young people as leaders of positive social change, as a way to foster a lifelong commitment to active citizenship.

Health Education and Awareness to prepare children and youth to lead healthy lives by providing them with the knowledge and personal skills needed to make informed and healthy choices.
In addition, IYF has developed a "Framework for Effective Programming" to assist program practitioners, donors, and others in assessing youth program effectiveness. 

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