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The alliance for arab women
History and Background

The Alliance For Arab Women(AAW) is a voluntary Non governmental organization registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs in 1987 under No 154, and was re-registered according to Law 184 of 2000 .
AAW has a consultative status with the UN ( ECOSOC) since 1996.
It has been selected , as the coordinator of Arab NGOs to prepare and participate in the 4th International Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 , to deliver the Arab NGOs statement in the UN General Assembly in 2000.

AAW has its secretariat in Cairo and number of branches in Upper and lower Egypt governorates.
The Alliance For Arab Women works as an umbrella to a network of NGOs and cooperates with other Egyptian and Arab organizations to provide women with basic human security through influencing policies and legislations, and through providing services and programs within the frame work of human rights.
AAW General assembly includes 100 members from both sexes, it also includes members from different Arab countries.

The overall goal of this project:
a)earmark the problems and needs of women in Monshaat Nasser.
b)create a link between the office and women in Monshaat Nasser.
c)transmitting the demands of women in Monshaat Nasser to the decision makers.
d)provide women in Monshaat Nasser legal advice.
e)help poor women to lodge their cases to court, in order to obtain their legal rights.
f)forward the complaints of women as presented to the office, to the concerned parties, follow them up and help in providing solutions.
g)monitor, classify and analyze women’s complaints in an attempt to formulate or organize policies that would help women to practice their human rights.

Standing Committees Supporting the Project

The Facilitating Committee, headed by the official head of the community, and aims at is to abate administrative delays that face women when dealing with officials.
Lawyer’s Committee, which aims at helping woman in matters related to legal rights.
The Committee of Officials and Local Council Members, which aims at solving managerial problems which woman face .
Woman which makes use of the office services :

Any woman more than 18 years whatever worker or not a worker. Concerning personal issues any woman more than 16 years.
Any woman faced any kind of discrimination against her or any violation to her low ,human or social rights  

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