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Egyptian AIDS Society
History and Background

Egyptian AIDS Society

Founded- 29th June, 1992

Proclaimed in the Department of Social Affairs in Alexandria Under the number #1071

Granted the special Consultative Status by the Economical and Social Council of the UN (ECOSOC)

E.A.S was established and proclaimed on June, 29th   1992 in Alexandria as the first society on the national  level working in this field in Egypt , where a group of specialists and parties concerned who believe in confronting this disease added a new site on the map of voluntary work.

The Society emphasizes the social voluntary sense, and supports the necessary behavior to prevent the spreading of this disease. It also enables us to achieve positive changes in the behaviors affecting public health using all accessible ways of media and education in accordance with our culture and religious teachings, which directly partake in the confrontation of the disease and achieve public partnership. It also gains support from other voluntary national and governmental, as well as international, organizations.


The organization holds the Special Consultative Status granted by the Economical and Social Council of the UN, ECOSOC. It is also a member in the West-Asia Bureau of the UN, ESCWA; a member of the higher committee of the National AIDS Prevention Program of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, NAPP; and a member of the International Population Institute, IPI, Member in Arab Network Of NGOs. 

Organizational Representation in National and International Organizations:
Member of ESCWA – UN
Member of PANOS – AFRICA
Member of the Arab Network for NGO''s
Member of the C.C.M – Egyptian Country Coordination Mechanism for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and TB
Member of the Global Fund Forum for TB, Malaria and HIV/AIDS Prevention
Member of the International AIDS Society (IAS)
Member of the ENNAA


General Objectives

Increasing awareness amongst youth and other sectors of the society of HIV/AIDS and its preventative methods.
Developing and training technical and professional personnel in the medical, social, educational, and mass media fields for HIV/AIDS prevention.
Providing counseling, as well as social, psychological, and financial support, to PLWHA (People living with HIV/AIDS) and their families, and qualifying them for social adaptation.
Eliminating all forms of discrimination and stigma against PLWHA and supporting their human rights.
Advocacy and influencing policy-makers and senior leaderships so that they may develop policies and programs to care for and support PLWHA, and provide them with proper medicines and remedies.
Marketing for the services of the National AIDS Prevention Program (NAPP) of the Ministry of Health.
Performing researches and studies related to STI and HIV/AIDS.
Networking and establishing cooperation with concerned national and international, governmental and non-governmental, organizations.
Activating mass media messages in newspapers, radio and TV to raise public awareness by publishing information and reports about HIV/AIDS and its side effects on the society. 
Organizing national conferences and participating in national, regional, and international conferences.

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