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Dubai Women's College
Activities and Programs

Diploma Programmes

Applied Business Skills

The key focus of the programme is on applied business skills.The students learn appropriate customer care practices, written, telephonic and online communication skills and knowledge of expected codes of conduct in a professional business setting.
Jewellery Business Management This unique programme, developed by DWC, Damas and the Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders, provides students with academic and practical experience in all aspects of the jewellery industry.The Advanced Diploma Programme is open to male and female UAE nationals of all ages.

Higher Diploma and Bachelor Degree Programmes

Business Management
E-Business Management (previously E-Commerce) is a project-based business programme with a strong focus on technology. Authentic, team-based projects are used to equip students with technical, financial, marketing and management/ operational skills needed for the success in business. E-Business students need an interest in applying computer technology to meet business needs, and with this program, they will be able to develop their creativity in web-design. Graduates of DWC’s E-Business program have been employed in HR, marketing, banking, strategy, and E-Business sectors.

Accountants are key employees for all types of businesses from large global companies to small business houses, as well as in both private and public sectors. Accountants collect, analyse and communicate important financial information needed by decision makers in all organisations.Technology is widely used in accounting to do the routine work so that the accountants can focus their attention on understanding and using the financial data. Graduates have the opportunity to pursue international qualifications. Students entering the accounting program need to have good analytical skills, interpersonal skills, and the interest in becoming a professional.

Financial Services and Banking
This programme educates students for exciting careers in banks, insurance and investment companies, and finance departments of government and private organisations. Practical learning enables students to deal with money and money-related issues, which can be applied to family businesses and personal finances. Students learn about financial products, financial markets and financial management concepts in addition to general business concepts. They learn through research assignments, industry based projects, visits to financial institutions, computer simulations, and from industry experts. Students entering the program need to have good analytical and people skills.

Human Resource Management
The Human Resource Management programme prepares students to find suitable staff for an organisation, design jobs and teams within the organisation, train employees, improve performance and reward them for their work.The outcome is to help the organisation meet its goals and have a motivated, skilled, hardworking workforce, which helps it increase its profits.There is a high demand for Human Resources Management employees as organisations grow and change. Students entering the programme need to have excellent people skills.

The Marketing programme develops students'' abilities to focus on identifying and satisfying customers'' needs in innovative ways. The main principles of marketing are examined and practiced in joint projects with real UAE businesses. Students gain experience and knowledge of how businesses adopt marketing strategies to become successful in the dynamic business environment. Students also learn how to utilise technology to gain competitive advantages for business organisations. Marketing graduates are employed in both the private and government sectors. Students choosing marketing as a career need to be outgoing, analytical and should be able to develop innovative solutions.

Travel and Tourism
This programme prepares students for a vast array of employment opportunities in a rapidly growing industry. The specialisation provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge and internationally recognised credentials to obtain positions in airlines, corporate travel, leisure travel, event planning, tourist attraction management, tourist offices, tour operators, travel agencies, and hotels. Students entering the travel and tourism programme need to have good communication and interpersonal skills, strong guest-service skills, open minds, and an interest in discovering the world around them.

Bachelor Degree Programme
Bachelor of Education

This four-year programme is certified by our development partner, Melbourne University, Australia. The curriculum comprises English language studies, education studies teaching practice, curriculum development, classroom research and complementary studies. Students spend time in schools each semester, beginning in the first year, observing and teaching.They are able to practice their teaching skills in actual classroom situations and then share these experiences with each other and the faculty, providing invaluable learning and career preparation.

English teachers in the schools assist DWC students and involve them in their classes and in school life. College faculty visit the students in schools, observe their teaching and together plan for further improvement.

The programme aims to model as well as teach best international academic practices and develop intellectual independence in students, preparing them for the professional teaching environment in public or private schools. The programme aims to produce graduates who will play a complete role in improving the standards and outcomes of English language teaching and learning in schools.

With a strong focus on curriculum development and implementation, classroom based research and meaningful active learning, the programme prepares students who will be equipped and committed to improving the teaching and learning of English.

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