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Political Development Forum
History and Background

The Political Development Forum - with it`s slogan " Towards Safe and Sustainable Political Development " is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental institution for intellectual and cultural activities Political development is the gateway to and carrier of comprehensive and sustainable development [The institution's establishment] contributes to the realization of wide-spread and effective political participation as a means of achieving safe and secure political development.

The Political Development Forum main goal is to work on empowering women to build equal partnerships and participate with men in all areas of life To contribute to widespread and effective political participation in order to realize safe and sustainable political development More specifically, the PDF seeks to achieve the following objectives :

1. To observe and evaluate political development in its entirety.

2. To empower Yemeni women to achieve equal relations of partnership and participation with men in public life in general and in political life in particular. Women’s active political participation guarantees legal, social, and economic rights for women in the society.

3. To expand and activate interest in general political affairs and to make this interest the entrance into or introduction to political participation.

4. To create and stimulate active political participation among diverse social forces in general and among forces absent from the political sphere and marginalized in society more particularly.

 5. To raise and spread awareness about the right of freedom of political choice, the active political participation of every citizen, and the defence of these rights as itself a basic right among human rights guaranteed and affirmed by national and international conventions.

6. To train and qualify political and party activists in general and the representatives of marginalized and disadvantaged groups in particular in a way that enhances and strengthens their political roles.

7. To conduct studies and offer advice in matters of political development.

 8. To work on creating a positive, popular impression of political participation, parties, and the political establishment in a way that limits the current negative, popular impression and its ramifications.

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