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Political Development Forum
Activities and Programs

Looking at Yemen comprehensively from different perspectives with the aim of identifying the most important challenges that will face Yemen during the next decade.

For the PDF to achieve its goals efficiently, professionally and effectively, its programs are divided into two parts, with one part relating to the future and the other confronting the events of the present and dealing with them.

Looking ahead to the Future

This program consists of a symposium to be held in coincidence with the official launch of the PDF's activities. The symposium will be carried out in two seminars:

The first seminar will look at Yemen comprehensively from different perspectives with the aim of identifying the most important challenges facing Yemen in the next decade.

The second seminar will be devoted to proposing policies to confront these challenges. Leading personalities from the three major parties, the People’s General Congress, Yemeni Congregation for Reform (al-Islah), and the Yemeni Socialist Party will participate in the two seminars.

To ensure objective and useful results from this symposium, the following constraints will be imposed :

  • Although the participants should be senior officials of their respective parties, the participants will be representing their personal views and capacities.
  • The working papers to be presented should avoid proposing solutions and policies to confront future challenges. This means that the first seminar will focus on diagnosing problems. The papers will also avoid identifying the organizations or events that purportedly caused the problems.
  •  The PDF will collect and organize the papers on challenges presented by the three participants in the first seminar so that they can prepare their working papers for the second seminar.

Yemeni Political Development Reports

This program will prepare annual reports about political development in Yemen using the framework of the Arab Human Development Reports (its criteria of evaluation and dimensions of assessment) to evaluate the reality in Yemen. Reports will be published for the Yemeni public. The leading people of civil society organizations and governmental bodies should also be persuaded of the importance of adopting the proposed solutions included in these reports.

Women for Leadership

This program will train and qualify a number of political women activists who have high ambitions to hold top political posts in various political parties and in government and civil society organizations.

Youth on the Spot

This program will train and qualify a number of young people (men and women) to do various modes of dedicated work and to obtain the leadership skills enabling them to influence their environment and local communities.

Politics in Colors

A media program addressed to local public opinion and ordinary citizens presents them with modern political concepts such as democracy, a multi-party system, human rights, and public liberties. The program aims to demonstrate how these concepts index activities that can be effective means to confront and solve problems, to realise ordinary citizens’ hopes and personal and national goals, rather than simply being ways to serve political and party activists’ interests. The purpose is to encourage effective and expanded political participation, to make citizens more judicious and rational in their political choices, more capable of sticking to their choices and defending them.

Taking a Position on Events

Through this program and the program following it, the PDF will work to deal with political events and constitutional, legal, regulatory, and human rights violations through position papers, statements, petitions, investigations, conferences, symposiums, lectures, and specialized workshops.

Open Political Forum

This program is the basis of and source from which the PDF was established. It is a weekly Qat session (maqiyal) in the PDF chairman’s house, attended by a number of activists and people interested in the fields of politics, media, and culture. The weekly event is usually attended by Yemenis, non-Yemenis, residents, and visitors with various orientations. All issues of public concern are discussed at the Yemeni, Arab and international levels, and they are discussed openly and freely without any prior conditions or commitments except for moral and professional ones.

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