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Every marketing plan should include a clear explanation of the market segmentation, target market focus, and a market forecast. Also, It should include detailed information about each of the target market segments.

To develop an effective plan based on your customers'' needs and nature, you should be able to answer these questions:

- Who are they?

- Where are they?

- What do they need?

- How do they make their buying decisions?

- Where do they buy?

- How do you reach them with your marketing and sales messages?

Knowing the answers to these questions is critical, no matter who your potential customers may be.
The specific research related to this market analysis begins with statistics that provide total numbers for example of households, classrooms, businesses, and workers in a market. These are your basic demographics. When possible, you should be able to segment households by income level, businesses by size, and workers by job type, education, and other factors. Employment statistics can add information about types of workers and their education and background. By the same way, you can divide your target customers into groups according to psychographics. This is your strategic market segmentation, a core element of your marketing strategy. 

Arab Expo provides professional help in this respect submitted via our consultants and expertise.

Before doing Marketing Analysis or Market Research targeting Arab Markets, such as: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or other Arab Countries, try to reach Arab Expo.

Also, you can rely on Arab Expo as vital source for information to Support your business with a successful plan serving your Pricing Strategy, Distribution Channels, Competitive Analysis, Effective Communications, etc,.  All your needs will be our mission

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