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African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)
Activities and Programs

AMREF has shown that indigenous solutions based on international science can address the toughest problems in the world, and serve as a beacon for Africa and for the world. - The Global Health Fund

AMREF has almost 50 years experience in health development. In 1957 three surgeons (Sir Michael Wood, Archibald McIndoe & Thomas Rees) founded the Flying Doctor Service of East Africa, a foundation that would later become one of the continent’s most respected health development organisations.

AMREF earns its respect through being Africa born and Africa based - our staff work hand in hand with their communities to better their quality of life, as they strive together to build a bright future for the continent.

Respected by peer NGO''s, research institutes and governments for its community and evidence-based approach, AMREF partners with institutions such as the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities and Medical Institutes throughout the continent to achieve its goal. The Foundation also receives substantial financial support from governments including Canada, Sweden, UK and USA.

The New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) recently identified AMREF as a key partner in its health programme. AMREF has:

A strong regional presence, working with over 100 poor and marginalised rural and urban slum communities as well as district health authorities and Ministries of Health and Education in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.
Pioneering experience in community based health care - emphasising community ownership of projects and programmes to encourage sustainability.
A 500 strong and 97% African multi-disciplinary workforce, including social scientists and health professionals.
Close working relationships with key development actors, academic institutions and the private sector.
Extensive experience in health development training targeted at a diverse range of health professionals from primary health care workers to field surgeons.
A commitment to learn from its projects, experiences and communities and use this knowledge to inform, influence, and advocate for change.
A sustainable and growing funding base, currently at over $34million per annum.
Médicins Volants
AMREF has been globally recognised and rewarded for its pioneering work in community based health care and development.
Médicins Volants
“AMREF….is firmly established, still growing and a force of immense power for giving Eastern Africa the freedom from disease and want it needs to achieve a new freedom of mind and spirit for society”- Laurens Van der Post forward from ''Go An Extra Mile
Médicins Volants
AMREF uses community-based health care(CBHC) as the basis for its work. We empower communities to be both partners and beneficiaries in the health services they receive.
Médicins Volants
AMREF would like to thank the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency(SIDA), and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for continuing to provide invaluable support through their generous and unrestricted funding, their enthusiastic interest in AMREF''s development and ther unflagging moral support.

AMREF would also like to thank everyone who has continued to support its projects and have shown strong support for the Foundation, and in turn, for those people in Africa who continue to struggle due to ill health and poverty.

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