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afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation
Activities and Programs

African Activities

Activities  of February  2005                                                                                       -A Message has been prepared and sent to the World Summit on Small Islands Developing States which took place in Port-Louis, Mauritius from 10 to 14 January 2005.

-Following the signing by the Sudanese government and the Sudan People''''s Liberation Movement ( Army), SPLA, of a final agreement last month, AAPSO sent a Message in which it hailed the agreement as an historical achievement.

-A Paper has been prepared and sent to the World Summit on the Information Society Thematic Meeting on Measuring the Information Society. The Summit took place in Geneva from 7 to 9 February 2005. The Paper presented by AAPSO was entitled: "Measuring Information and Communication Technology in Developing Countries".

-Both Copies of the Message to the World Summit on Small Islands Developing States, and of the Paper on Information and Communication Technology were sent to COMESA, SADC and ECOWAS ( African Regional Economic Groupings).

-A reply-letter was sent to Mme Germaine Touré, President of ONG, PROSAFE, Abidjan, Cote d'''' Ivoire, following her demand for more contacts and informations about AAPSO. Attached to the letter was an historical background of AAPSO.

-Following the letter received from Darci Van Duzer who is working at the Center for Development and Democracy in Accra, Ghana, and asking for informations, publications and future projects, a reply was sent to him containing the informations requested and expressing our satisfaction for his interest and hoping contacts to be maintained further.

Activities of December 2004

Letter has been sent to  African Ambassadors in Cairo requesting them to provide with names and addresses of civil society organisations and personalities for promoting relations with them. Cote d'''' Ivoire has so far replied.

Letter has been sent to those African personalities who attended Arab/African Social Forum in Cairo in order to contact them and promote relations.

Letter of AAPSO looking for cooperation has been sent to the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa, COMESA; the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS; and the Southern African Development Community, SADC.

Letter sent to M. Amath Dansoko, Dakar, Senegal, with proposition to renew contact and relation.

He was also invited to represent AAPSO at the ordinary meeting of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in Dakar, Senegal. Unfortunately, neither reply nor confirmation has been received so far from him.

AAPSO Statement sent to the "World Conference on African and African Descendents issues, racism and racial discrimination" held in Vienna, Austria, 11-12 Nov. 2004.

AAPSO Statement launched as press release on the situation in Cote d'''' Ivoire

Another Statement is under preparation to the  "World Summit on the Information Society Thematic Meeting on Measuring the Information Society" , Feb. 7-9, 2005 20/12/2004                                                                                     

Activities of July 2004

-Africa Section took the initiative to celebrate Africa Day-25 May, by organizing seminar held on 24 May 2004 at the AAPSO''''s Headquarters. Preparations for this seminar were conducted by MM. Kamal Baa Eddine, Julien, Mohamed Abdel Gaphar as well as Mrs Wahba Youssreya.
Africa section  prepared a speech of Dr Morad Ghaleb for this occasion as well as a statement on "Africa Day-25 May".

-A statement on implementation of Durban Conference''''s Programme of Action (Word Conference against Racism, WCR) was made and sent to Ms Sandra Aragon, Anti-Discrimination Unit, as requested by the Office of High Commissioner on Human Rights, OHCHR, Geneva.

-Africa section ( together with some delegates from India) represented AAPSO at the 60th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, March, 2004. The representative from the  Permanent Secretariat had attended the plenary sessions during his stay in Geneva as well as many extra-plenary meetings where he intervened with statements reflecting the views and position of AAPSO pertaining to the issues raised in these meetings.

-Statement on UNCTAD-IX was prepared on behalf of the Development section.

-E-mail was sent (19 May 2004) to Ms Monica Van Tonder (African Institute of South Africa, AISA) about exchange of Newsletter.

-E-mail was sent ( 20 May 2004) to the African Commission on Human and Peoples'''' Rights (ACHPR) apologizing for not being able to attend the 35th ordinary session of the ACHPR , Banjul, The Gambia, 21 May-4 June 2004.

-E-mail was sent ( 20 May 2004) to Mr Carlos Magarinos, apologizing for not being able to attend the 28th session of the UNIDO Board, Vienna 25-27 May 2004.

-A fax was sent to AFASPA on June 10, 2004, reminding them about sending informations related to the UNESCO-sponsored "World Forum on Human Rights" held in Nantes, France. AFASPA was invited to represent AAPSO at this Conference. Until now ( July 11. 2004) no one single information was received from AFASPA.

-A congratulatory letter was addressed to His Excellency Carlos Gomes, Head of the PAIGC ( Parti Africain pour l''''Indépendance de la Guinée et du Cap Vert) following the  election and his nomination as Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau/Cap Vert, stressing that the changes occuring in the world did not alter the close relationship between AAPSO and PAIGC.

-Letter was dispatched to African Ambassadors in Cairo requesting them to provide AAPSO with names and addresses of organisations and civil society in their respective countries in view of promoting and maintaining contacts and relation with them.

-A report about the seminar organized by AAPSO on the Africa-Day (25 May) was distributed to some African organisations  and personalities.

-Contacts and conversation were conducted with His Excellency Ambassador of the African Union to the Arab League, M. Muftah M. Zawam, before he left to Addis-Abeba to attend the African Union Summit (July 2004), requesting him to continue sending informations about AU and reminding him about his promise to give AAPSO some names of African organisations (NGOs).


Third Anniversary Of The Founder Of
International Institute For Non-Aligned Studies/India

An invitation to the Third Anniversary of the founder of International Institute for non-aligned Studies/India (22-23/2/2002) Dr. Srivastava was sent to Dr. Morad Ghaleb AAPSO''''s President and Vidyasekera AAPSO''''s Permanent Secretariat member.

Participants in the event were among academicians, professors and specialists of anthropology and political sciences of Nihro University and other research centres. Dr. Morad Ghaleb AAPSO''''s President has delivered the key-paper of the anniversary that was comprehensive one. The Paper deals with latest international developments after 11/9, war in Afghanistan, conflict between India and Pakistan, globalization, American hegemony, WTO and massive resistance for its policies as embodied in Seattle, Davos and others similar events. The paper also refers to these resistance actions and draws attention to the fact that they are not enough organized in one global front with a program and policy that are viable and continuous.

AAPSO''''s paper gets through the columns of the hegemonious capitalist system, what does globalization mean for the third world countries, the issues of peace, development and disarmament with a special focus on WTO and the impact of international latest developments on the neighbour countries-Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia.

AAPSO''''s delegation headed by President Dr. Morad Ghaleb has paid a visit to all Indian Organization for Peace and Solidarity. Participants of the meeting were among academicians, university professors, specialists and concerned audience in addition to the head of the organization. Discussions went through developments in international arena, American hegemony, relations of China, India and Russia with America and Europe, and the significance of having a separate and distinguished positions apart from American-European ones. Discussions in the meeting touched the importance of promoting all aspects of the relationships between AAPSO on one hand and all Indian organization for Peace and Solidarity and International Institute for non-aligned Studies

International Conference on Peoples’
Solidarity For Peace and Human Rights                                                    
Kathmandu Declaration                                                                                       The delegates and observers participating in international conference on People’s Solidarity for Peace and Human Rights organized by Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organization of Nepal, at Kathmandu on 10,11,12 December 2004, pledges to carry forward the struggle for peace and Human Rights in order to free people of the world from exploitation, oppression, deprivation, terror and war.

The International Conference of People’s solidarity for peace and Human Rights draws the urgent attention of peoples to:

- Need of solidarity against neo-colonialism, neo-Imperialism, all types of hegemonism and exclusionism.

- Raise voice against unilateral - Imposition of war in Iraq and ask to strengthen role of UNO for multilateral co-operation for peace and security.

- Need for ban of WMD. nuclear weapons and chemical and biological weapons.

- Ratification of the treaty or banning land mines by all states.

- Repatriation of all refugees with UNHCR supervision Including Shutanese refugees in Nepal.

- Elimination of caste, gender, religious, ethnic and all other discrimination and promote inclusive and participatory democracy.

- Need to alleviate poverty from the whole world and special plan and programme to address the issue.

The International Conference of People’s Solidarity for peace and human rights express deep concern to the armed conflict in Nepal and support Nepaleses people’s aspiration for peace ending insurgency through dialogue and Socio-Economic transformation.

We all aspire for a world                                                                                        - Free of confrontation                                                                                              - Free of hunger                                                                                                        - Free of discrimination                                                                                              - Free of oppression                                                                                                  - Free of terror and war

We call upon all people to join forces for a new world, a world of freedom of justice and of peace

Bilateral Consultation with Asian Participants

During the conference, the Secretary-General of AAPSO Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain and E. A. Vidyasekera met with the Asian participants for discussion including future cooperation and organizing activities.
In the first place we met with Pallab Sen Gupta, Secretary-General of All India Peace and Solidarity Organization and A.A.M. Marleen, Secretary-General of the Sri Lanka Afro-Asian Solidarity Association.
Sri Lanka AAPSO earlier had an intention of organizing a conference in Colombo to commemorate Bandung spirit but after heavy damages caused to the country as a result of the Tsunami tidal waves, the idea had to be abandoned and concentrate on the Indian event.
According to Pallab Sen Gupta, AIPSO had proposed to hold an international event in Delhi at the end of April 2005 and beginning of May 2005. They have decided that AAPSO to be a co-sponsor. AIPSO would provide hospitality and accommodation. Delegates have to meet their own travel expenses. This conference also would take the form of an AAPSO constitutional event either the Congress or Assembly. In case if the government of India wishes to join as a co-sponsor the conference would have to be shifted by two or three months. In such an event, it would be possible to get the government of India to provide travel facilities to some African countries.
Further AIPSO expects the leadership of the AAPSO to visit India so that AIPSO will organize series of meetings with leaderships of all secular political parties. AIPSO is keenly interested in consolidating and strengthening of AAPSO. Such conferences with AAPSO in India also would be politically helpful to the Indian organization and strengthening secularism.
Pallab Sen Gupta informed us that he would send us in detail their proposals in mid March 2005.

With Vietnamese Delegation
On 3rd March, AAPSO Secretary-General and E. A. Vidyasekera met with the President of Vietnam Committee for Asian-African-Latin American Solidarity and Cooperation Pharm Van Chung and Committee member Vu Tien Dung.
The discussion focus around organizing an international conference in late August 2005 in Hanoi as part of the 60th independence celebration.
Vietnam side will host the conference and look after accommodation and hospitality. They also will try to get assistance from the international NGOs. AAPSO should provide the list of invitees from the member organizations in Asia and Africa. Some efforts must be made to get help from international NGOs to ensure the participation of African delegates who are unable to meet their own traveling.
Vietnam Committee will send AAPSO in detail the nature of the conference and its organizing format. Vietnam Committee will ensure the participation of her neighbors. AAPSO agreed to contact both Chinese and Japanese Committees.


What has been done:                                                                                                -The section has reviewed the United Nations Calendar of Conferences  and Meetings for the year 2004 as well as the Global Issues on the UN Agenda.

The section has identified many items of interest for AAPSO in the field of human rights. These items related to the question of Racial discrmination, modern slavery, peace and disarmament, social development, the rights of women and children, the question of independence of colonial countries and peoles, etc.

The folowings are the items identified in the Global Issues on the UN Agenda: Africa, Children, Culture, Decolonization, Development cooperation, Disarmament, Drugs and Crime, Environment, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, Indigenous people, Iraq, Labour, Least Developed countries, the Millenium UN General Assembly Goals, Question of Palestine, Population, Refugees, Sustainable Devlopment, Terrorism, Trade and Development, Water, Women, Youth.

The section  has also identified numbers of Conferences and Meetings organized by the UN during the year 2004.
  -The section has examined two documents a) one from the "Humanitarian Resource Institute" concerning the question of Environment; b) the other about ICC ( International Criminal Court).                                                                                  -The section had prepared AAPSO''''s Statement on International Human Rights Day (10 December) marked every year by the world community..


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