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Global Policy Forum
Activities and Programs

UN Security Council
Through our program on the UN Security Council, GPF works to strengthen international peace and security. The GPF website on the Security Council makes available analysis and documents about the Security Council and related issues, such as sanctions, natural resources in conflict, small arms and peacekeeping. GPF organizes the NGO Working Group (NGOWG) on the Security Council, bringing together thirty major NGOs for private and informal meetings with Security Council ambassadors and high UN officials. Every year we organize about 50 such meetings, facilitating discussion and action on peace, conflict, disarmament and humanitarian issues. GPF’s recent publications within this program include “NGOs and the Security Council,” “The Hidden Veto” and “Theses Toward a Democratic Reform of the UN Security Council.”

Social and Economic Policy
Through our program on Social and Economic Policy, GPF addresses the world''s enormous inequalities and promotes greater rights and social justice. The GPF website supplies articles and analysis on a wide range of topics, such as reform of the global economic system with a focus on the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization, the role of transnational corporations and corporate accountability, development financing, including international aid, trade and global taxes. On occasion, GPF organizes international conferences on social and economic policy matters. Previous events have covered topics such as corporate accountability, the UN global compact, global taxes, financing for development and reform of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Through our program on NGOs, GPF advocates for a greater NGO voice at the UN and in the global governance process more generally. GPF works in partnership with NGOs and other citizen organizations around the world and we actively seek to broaden citizen voices within the UN system. We have many partners, including Social Watch, the World Federalist Movement, Amnesty International, Save the Children, Third World Network and Oxfam. GPF has organized conferences and meetings on this subject, we have produced policy papers and worked to improve NGO interaction with the UN Secretariat. The GPF website provides one of the world''s best sources for analysis, documents and publications on NGOs in the global governance process.

GPF’s Globalization program analyzes the economic, political, cultural and legal aspects of globalization and suggests alternatives to the current corporate-driven form of globalization. The website provides a wide-ranging research tool for anyone interested in learning about the topic.

GPF’s Empire? program looks at the concept of “empire” and how a world dominated by one super power undermines multilateralism and international cooperation. GPF’s Empire site covers US military and economic expansion, US unilateral policy towards the UN and international law, challenges to the US “empire” and historical comparisons with former empires.

GPF’s program on Iraq advocates for peace, justice and an end to the US-led occupation of the country. GPF maintains one of the most comprehensive websites dealing with Iraq. Every day we post critical news and analysis on the occupation, the atrocities and attacks on civilians committed by coalition forces, the role of the United Nations, corruption affecting the Development Fund for Iraq, resistance against the occupation, torture and prison abuse and much more. GPF has published numerous articles and reports on Iraq, on topics including the role of oil in Iraq and the sanctions regime after the first Gulf war,

Nations & States
Through the Nations & States program, GPF analyzes the changing roles of states and sovereignty. The web section provides materials on how the global economy - through export processing zones, tax havens etc. - is challenging state sovereignty. It also looks at formal political integration through the European Union, MERCOSUR and the African Union. And, materials cover issues of citizenship and nationality, unrepresented peoples, microstates and experimental states.

International Justice
GPF’s International Justice program looks at the changing nature of international law and advocates for a strong international justice system. The website covers the courts and war crimes tribunals related to the UN system, including the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, and the war crimes tribunals for Rwanda and former Yugoslavia. GPF also posts information and analysis of the Alien Tort Claims Act and the doctrine of Universal Jurisdiction.

UN Financial Crisis
Through our program on the UN Financial Crisis, GPF analyzes the UN''s financial condition and advocates for additional and more reliable funding for the UN’s many important programs. The UN budget is smaller than that of the Tokyo fire department and the world body has been close to bankruptcy many times because of US arrears and a US-imposed cap on the UN budget. GPF has organized several events on the UN''s financial difficulties. In addition, GPF has created the world''s most complete tables and graphs to present the financial picture of the entire UN system. We advocate for full payment of arrears and promote alternative funding options such as global taxes to pay for UN programs and other pressing global priorities.

UN Reform
GPF’s program on UN Reform seeks to strengthen the UN and the multilateral order. GPF’s UN Reform site is one of the most comprehensive on the Internet, covering reform of the UN organs, the UN’s financial crisis, and the role of new actors, such as NGOs and business, at the UN. GPF has published various papers and other information arguing that any real reform must solve the UN’s financial woes, US unilateralism, disproportional power of the permanent members of the Security Council, the absence of real disarmament, and the shaky and unjust global economic order.

International Internships
Through our Internship Program, GPF welcomes annually about 15 university students and young professionals to work in three teams at our office in New York. In recent years, GPF has hosted over 100 interns from more than thirty countries. GPF receives about 200 applications annually and we select very talented and well-qualified candidates. The interns enjoy considerable responsibility and they participate in a luncheon series that puts them in touch with senior members of the UN community -- NGO leaders, diplomats and Secretariat officials. GPF supports former interns with letters of recommendation and our alumni network provides career and personal contacts worldwide. The program prepares future leaders, who will promote a more just and cooperative global society.


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