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Education for Employment Foundation
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In each country of operation, our EFE model consists of the following features:

Creating a local foundation.
EFE establishes local affiliate foundations for youth education and employment by partnering with local business leaders and educators. EFE participates in such foundations through membership on the Boards of Directors and through day-to-day backstopping by EFE program managers based in the United States.

Engaging in private diplomacy.
EFE persuades companies to extend their training funds to candidates for employment (since most businesses limit their in-house training to new and mid-career staff) and to view youth with disadvantaged backgrounds, as an asset once well trained. We present two value propositions: a more cost-efficient HR recruitment system and corporate social responsibility.

Providing opportunity. 
EFE creates job opportunities for unemployed, excluded youth. Convinced that training and mentoring can make excluded youth employable and retainable, EFE recruits unemployed youth with merit and motivation to participate in tailor-made courses for employers who pre-commit to hire the graduates.

Providing state-of-the-art curricula.
Taking into account the skill needs identified by our employer-partners and the number of pre-committed jobs, EFE identifies or commissions state-of-the-art curricula from international and local sources.

Providing Training-of-Trainers.
EFE invests heavily in local educational institutions.  Powerful training depends on powerful pedagogy. Accordingly, EFE puts a high premium on the Training of Trainers (ToT) for each course, contracting with top local instructors, establishing quality standards for interactive training (replacing rote memorization) and providing training manuals for ToT courses.

Creating positive role models.
By training, employing and providing mentors and networks for disadvantaged youth, EFE is helping to develop positive role models. This has a multiplier effect on families and communities.

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