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Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)
Mechanism of Operation

- carry out research on tenets of Islam in the light of contemporary issues and analysed historical events for documentation as a tool for educating on various aspects of individual and community development.

- encourage individuals to learn about their respective religions and thereby promote mutual respect and tolerance.

- propagate the true meaning of Islam – that is ‘Peace’ for encouraging a system of learning that is based on the protection of human rights and social justice. 

- establish the rights of women as envisaged in Islam and emphasized by Prophet Mohammad (SAW) for creating an enabling environment for their access to education, social and family rights and justice. 

- promote and create opportunities for the physically and mentally challenged people for their self-reliance and social acceptance.

- initiate a child friendly and comprehensive learning process for children to develop their moral character with regard to understanding their role in family and society as taught in Islam with special emphasis on respect towards elders, tolerance and positive attitude.

- promote and properly administer egalitarian wealth distribution system in accordance to the modalities defined by Islam for; alleviating poverty, enlarging employment market for the poor and enhancing the quality of life in general.


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