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Bahrain Women Association
History and Background

The Bahrain Women’s Society is a non-governmental organization officially established on July 9, 2001 in Bahrain. Its main objective is to bring up new leaders in the field of humanitarian development.  This could be achieved through qualifying women to become leaders capable of playing an effective role in humanitarian development, increasing people’s awareness of the risks of violence, social and environmental negligence, and finally by supporting and cooperating with other organizations and institutions of common concern.

The society established a number of projects and educational programs for (social development) believing that proficiency has become a vital necessity within the political, economic, cultural and social changes taking place in the world at present.  Both reform and proficiency cannot be achieved except through giving much care to the young generations who are capable of development, creativity and progress. 

The Bahrain Women’s Society has proven itself on the local, regional and international levels through its successful programs which gained many awards and prizes.

Vision : 
Qualifying new leaders in the field of humanitarian development.

Mission :
• Qualifying female leaders to play an effective role in the field of humanitarian development.
• Informing people and increasing their awareness of the risks of violence as well as social and environmental negligence.
• Supporting and cooperating with other organizations and institutions working in the same field on both the local and international levels.

The Bahrain Women’s Society is a member of the following organizations:
1. The Arab Net for Civil Organizations, Cairo, Egypt.
2. World Assembly for Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO), USA.
3. Arab Net for Environment and Development, Cairo, Egypt.
4. Earth Day Net, New York, USA.
5. Arab Net for Literacy and Adult Education, Cairo, Egypt.
6. Arab Authority for Unlimited Guidance, Amman, Jordan.
7. Arab Intellectual Forum, Amman, Jordan.

Official and Civil Organizations and Assemblies cooperating with the Bahrain Women’s Society:
• United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), Office for Western Asia, Bahrain.
• United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
• United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Regional Office for the Near East, Cairo, Egypt.
• UNIFEM, Amman, Jordan.
• Arab Woman Center for Training and Research, Tunisia.
• Center for Developmental Research and Training, Lebanon.

Objectives :
1. Helping women achieve their social rights and values by playing a vital role in society.
2. Increasing social awareness of issues of negligence and violence against children.
3. Enhancing the sense of citizenship and environmentalism in both individuals and the society as a whole, as well as defining their principles.
4. Spreading new cultural concepts.
5. Increasing awareness of social rights.
6. Participating in the enforcement and reform of laws and articles governing social development.
7. Participating in the eradication of illiteracy.
8. Collaborating between different social classes and institutions and other civil organizations of same concern

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