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Bahrain Women Association
Mechanism of Operation

• The directory board of the association consists of the board members who have the responsibility to plan the general policies and strategies of the association and discuss the main decisions during periodical meetings that take place in the HQ. The board reviews the activities and programs of the association continuously to assure its relevancy with already decided goals and   to know to what extent do they apply the vision and mission of the association.    
• Starting from the goals and vision of the association, there are 4 programs each is to activate these objectives by organizing different activities such as work shops, seminars and lectures . in addition to some projects that a specialist in project management to assure the continuity of them as successful projects.
• Each Program has a directress that draws it and follows it up completely with the members of that program. The goals are being activated by short term planning that are accredited by the board members.
•   Each program has a vice directress that takes all tasks of directress in case the latter is absent.
• Reporting periodically the general plans of programs by the directresses of the program to discuss them.
• Continuous study and evaluation of for the activities of the association that take place in the 4 programs to make sure of its relevancy with the vision of the association. 
• Enhancing the internal contacts among members via email as it is used to publish the last updates of the association .
• Surveying the capabilities of members to guide the seeting up of programs and plans to empower the members and to build cadres who are able to manage the programs by organizing workshops and lectures that develop the programs and help them succeed.
•  Meetings between the board and the members by general assemply and other types of meetings that HR unit of the association organizes to open a communication channel between the administration and the members.
• Appointing an executive directress works as coordinator between the president and the rest of the board members. She also follows up the post from and to the association and other associations to guarantee communication among them .


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