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Foundation for Free Learning and Merit Education
History and Background

Foundation For Free Learning And Merit Education; FLAME, a non profit making and Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), was born from the vision of the frustrations of the underprivileged, or the needy’s struggle to become educated.

In the rural areas of Ghana, it is a common site to see a whole school being manned by a couple of teachers. This situation has come about due to the fact that we do not have enough teachers and also teachers evasively dodge postings to the underdeveloped areas.

Naturally, such unfortunate people of the society can in no means afford the cost of quality and merit education. And it is among Flame''s objective to help educate such people so that they in the end may become useful citizens in the society but not as street children or liabilities.


As a Not For Profit and non-governmental organisation, Foundation For Free Learning and Merit Education''s major objective is to enhance education in general and promote cultural understanding. This major goal is set to be achieved by encouraging the use of technology in education and also helping the deprived and needy to attain merit education.

This we hope to achieve in THREE major ways;

Help alleviate the imbalance in teacher distribution in hinterland schools by;
offering free supplementary educational classes for students especially in rural schools.
Writing self-tuition books, which will serve as teacher substitutes where applicable and donated to the needy offering health and moral education to students to promote good health , the sence of patriotism and good moral values

Improve and enhance the use of technology in science education and education in general by;
providing facilities that will enhance education like customising buses which will serve the functions of science labs, and other science related equipment for practical science teaching.
monitoring causes for the falling standards of education in the country and offer advice to the education ministry
Initiating and coordinating internet based collaborative learning projects for school children in Ghana and linking them with their peers worldwide.

Help disadvantaged children to aquire knowledge by;
building a curriculum that could make street children write structured exams to earn qualification on part time bases.
contributing to evolve a scholarship scheme for very brilliant but needy students.
donating literature written by charitable teachers to the deprived and the needy.
building centres, which will offer continuous help and training to the unfortunate and the deprived of the society including street children and school dropouts to gain paper qualification.
channel donations related to education from foreign charitable organisations to the needy and deprived

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