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Australian Red Cross
Staff and Members

Australian Red Cross key people  
Mr Greg Vickery AM

Chief Executive Officer
Mr Robert Tickner

Council                                                                                                                   Mr Michael Legge 
 Vice Chairman 
Mr Ross Pinney
Chairman, Audit and Risk Management Committee 
Mr Vinay Menon 
 Youth Representative   
Mr John Pinney AM 
Vice President  
Mr Jim Kostoglou 
Vice President  
Mr Rod Martin LLB  
Vice President  
Mr Rod McKinnon ESM 
 Vice President  
Mrs Margot Stretch AM 
 Vice President  
Mr Richard Dunn  
Vice President  
Ms Kaye Hogan PSM AM
Chairman, ACT  
Mr John Fries 
Chairman, NSW
Mr Devendra Patel  
Chairman, NT
Mr Alan Clayton 
Chairman, Qld  
Ms Pam Simmons
 SA Divisional Representative   
Mr Michael Howarth 
Chairman, Tas  
Mr John Hood
Chairman, Vic  
Mr Ian Anson 
Chairman, WA  
Ms Kate Carnell AO  
Appointed Board Member  
Dr David Hamill
Appointed Board Member   
Dr Lowitja O''Donoghue AM CBE  
Appointed Board Member   
Ms Lauren Nelson 
Representative, ACT  
Mr Sam Wong AM  
Representative, ACT  
Mr John MacLennan 
Representative, NSW  
Mrs Robyn Rooth 
Representative, NSW  
Mr Foster Stavridis 
Representative, NT 
Mrs Belinda Peacocke  
Representative, NT  
Mrs Winifred Smith  
Representative, Qld  
Ms Katherine Wall  
Representative, Qld  
Ms Pam Simmons 
Representative, SA  
Mr Paul Shinkfield  
Representative, SA  
Ms Lyndal Herbert 
Representative, Tas  
Ms Helene Hayes 
Representative, Vic  
Mrs Gillian Abbott 
Representative, Vic  
Mr Betty Smith-Gander OAM
 Representative, WA  
Ms Dianne Buckles 
 Representative, WA  

National Management Team

Robert Tickner 
 Chief Executive Officer 
Paul Csoban 
Executive Director, ACT 
Lewis Kaplan 
Executive Director, NSW 
Sharon Mulholland 
Executive Director, NT 
Greg Goebel  
Executive Director, Qld 
Helen Farinola
 Acting Executive Director, SA 
Ian Burke
 Executive Director, Tas 
Andrew Hilton  
Executive Director, Vic 
Stephen Joske 
Executive Director, WA 
Jennifer Gibb 
National Director, Marketing, Fundraising & Communications 
Kerry Symons 
 Acting Chief Operating Officer  
John O''Connor 
 Chief Financial Officer  
Michael Stapleton 
 Chief Information Officer  
Robyn White  
Acting Head, People and Learning  
Noel Clement  
General Manager,
Domestic Operations  
Donna McSkimming  
General Manager, International Operations  
David Ham  
Manager, Business Strategy  
Olga Havnen  
Head of Indigenous Strategy Development


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