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Freeplay Foundation
Mechanism of Operation

How We Work

Our most important objective is to get self-powered energy solutions – the Lifeline radio and Lifelights – into the hands of those who need them most.  Energy poverty is a key impediment to millions of people who strive everyday to better their lives.
We collaborate with governments, international aid organisations, in-country NGOs, local communities, individuals and corporations working across a range of disciplines: education, health, agriculture, complex emergencies and peacemaking. We build coalitions that bring the public and private sector together for the most effective and efficient use of resources.When communication is a key component of development success, the Freeplay Foundation can ensure that information is delivered the ‘last mile’ to communities in the most remote, inaccessible locations. 

Over the years we have worked closely with local partners to develop and refine a system to distribute Lifeline radios for projects of any size.  We share this proprietary methodology with our partners and train their staff (as trainers) and community members. 

Our approach is holistic. Radios are never just given away. Community involvement is paramount in forming radio listening groups to ensure that the radio’s potential is maximised. We help them select radio ‘guardians’ to care for the radio on behalf of their listening group or classroom.  Guardians are often teachers or local leaders or child heads of households and at least 50% percent of the guardians are female. 

The Freeplay Foundation team includes experts who can:

- Survey and assess target populations’ information and energy needs
- Assess, determine and implement distribution criteria for radio guardians and lighting beneficiaries
- Manage logistics, plan and implement distributions in collaboration with local partners
- Create radio listening groups and train local users on group formation and facilitation skills, to maximise radio listening with discussion and debate
- Monitor projects and evaluate their impact


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