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Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development
Staff and Members

Administrative Staff Profiles

The Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development Programs is led by a talented and dedicated team of experts:

Dr. Adly M. Hassanein, President
Dr. Adly Hassanein is the founder and director of the Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development Programs (MCSDP), headquartered in rural Upper Egypt. He has over 30 years experience leading bilateral and multilateral technical assistance programs and teams in all aspects of sustainable development from integrated rural development to governance and institutional support and capacity building programs. He has a multidisciplinary background and experience.

He began his career as an agricultural engineer in the public sector, represented major European agribusiness companies in the Middle East and beginning in the 1980s began working with bilateral international development agencies to lead multicultural teams of international experts in natural resources management, and environmental policy analysis and formulation projects throughout Africa and the Mediterranean region.

In the 1990s he joined the United Nations as the head of the capacity building unit and a senior sustainable development program advisor for the Mediterranean basin countries, and more recently served the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq as Senior Regional Human Rights and Democracy Education Program Advisor. While in Iraq he established and operationalized six provincial Human Rights and Democracy Centers, designed and implemented training of trainers programs for democracy and human rights education leadership and public awareness, and produced manuals, handbooks and teaching materials that were successfully tested and utilized throughout the Middle East and African regions.

Currently, Dr. Hassanein actively directs operations and programs at the Mediterranean Center, and provides technical expertise to the Center and other development programs in Africa and the Mediterranean region.

Ms. Djodi Deutsch, School and Outreach Program Director
Ms. Deutsch has over 25 years experience working with private, public, bilateral and non-profit international programs and projects. After more than six years as a documentation and publications specialist working with USAID-funded health projects in Egypt and heading teams of full-time and freelance writers, journalists, copyeditors and translators, Ms. Deutsch has revived her career in project development and program design at the Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development Programs. Her familiarity with British, American, Canadian and Egyptian school curricula have enabled her to develop outdoor education programs for youth that extend classroom learning about current environmental issues and strengthen leadership skills.

In addition, Ms. Deutsch is responsible for the design and development of marketing materials and presentations. With a background in international development administration and management, and experience working with non-formal education programs in Sudan, Rwanda and Egypt, Ms. Deutsch brings to her position a practitioner''s respect for the importance of cross-cultural communication. Ms. Deutsch received her Master''s Degree in International Administration in 1988. She prepared her thesis on Innovative and Adaptive Management Practices in International Development.

Summer Intern Program 2008This summer MCSDP has initiated a summer internship program for interested university and high school graduates. Interns will be working on a variety of projects throughout the summer according to their interests and MCSDP''s needs. Working under the guidance of Dr. Hassanein and Ms. Deutsch, two AUC interns have taken on the organization and management of the summer camp; an AUC graduate student in mass communications is enhancing our Internet communications capabilities and network; another intern majoring in international relations will research international organizations that support environmental education and assist with the grant writing process; and a recent graduate of the Modern English School will prepare PowerPoint Presentations aimed at primary and secondary school students on topics related to global warming and climate change.

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