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Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP)
Mechanism of Operation

Our Vision and Mission

The unifying vision of all health and medical research and development undertaken at the Burnet is the linking of research with public health outcomes.

To achieve this vision, the Burnet’s mission is to make a sustainable difference to people’s health in Australia and around the world. It does this by working across a spectrum of infectious diseases and cancers, developing practical outcomes from fundamental research, developing better medicines sooner, working with young people, and by working in resource constrained communities in Australia and internationally. The Institute utilizes its unique skills in infectious diseases, immunology and public health to produce practical health outcomes such as vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer, better strategies for the treatment and prevention of infection, and innovative public health programs both in Australia and in our region.

Our broad mission embraces all facets of Burnet’s research and development work – from basic laboratory research and discovery through to clinical trials, public health, treatment and prevention, advocacy and policy development - and allows us to develop our unique cross-disciplinary programs to respond to the major global health problems of our time. The broad mission allows Burnet to be proactive in leading Australia’s and our region’s preparedness and responsiveness to the threat of emerging diseases, while continuing to address long-term health priorities. These include developing hepatitis C, HIV and cancer vaccines, novel treatment strategies and diagnostics for HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis and malaria, understanding the pathogenesis of infectious diseases; and undertaking advocacy, capacity building and policy development in the international health arena.

Our Values

We are passionate in our commitment to working and growing together to create a healthier world. We value excellence, innovation and social justice, and share a desire to extend the boundaries of knowledge and understanding.

Our Research Priorities and Health Agenda
In working to achieve our vision, the Burnet Institute addresses health issues through research in seven thematic programs:
•    Pathogenesis and Clinical Research
•    Molecular Virology
•    Infectious Diseases and Cancer Vaccine Development
•    Molecular Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases 
•    Epidemiology and Population Health Research
•    Harm Reduction
•    International Health

These themes are woven into a collaborative and interactive program network, which has as its common goal the realisation of the Burnet’s research priorities and health agenda. These are strengthened by means of a number of strategic-interest groups including, international health research, translational research, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, drug design, mucosal immunity, microbicides, and indigenous health.

Burnet supports vigorous, productive and high quality programs, which continually strive to maintain excellence in medical and public health research and development and to translate this work into tangible health outcomes. Burnet will support and grow the programs in their delivery of the Institute’s research priorities and health agenda, by building capacity particularly in the areas of special interest listed above.

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