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Standardization Organization for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GSO)
Activities and Programs
  1. The organization aims at helping the GCC achieve the objectives set forth in its charter and in the GCC Economic Agreement by unifying the various standardization activities and following up application and compliance of the same in cooperation and coordination with the standardization bodies in the Member States in an endeavor to develop the production and service sectors, foster the Intra-GCC trade, protect the consumer, environment and the public health, and encourage the GCC industries and agricultural production that would enhance the GCC economy , maintain the achievements of the Member States and minimize the technical trade barriers as envisaged by the objectives of the Customs Union.

    For the achievement of those objectives, the Organization may undertake, in particular, the following:

  2. 1. Drawing up comprehensive plans for the Organization''s activities according to the needs and potentials of the Member States. The Organization may seek assistance of the national standardization organizations in the Member States according to its Directives of Technical Work.

  3. 2. Formulating, adopting, updating and publishing the technical regulations , the Gulf standards, Gulf Conformity Assessment Procedures for commodities and products, measuring and calibration devices, definitions, symbols and technical terminology, and criteria for sampling, inspection , testing and calibration according to the relevant implementation rules issued in this connection.

  4. 3. Preparing draft Gulf technical regulations and standards according to the Organization''s Directives of Technical Work.
    4. Formulating the systems, regulations, and guides for organizing legal and industrial metrology , and measurement activities, and following up their application after approval.

  5. 5. Formulating the system, regulations, instructions and guides for conformity assessment procedures including the quality mark, the conformity mark, the Gulf conformity certificates and the various approval systems.

  6. 6. Following up application of Gulf technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures through the standardization bodies in the Member States.

  7. 7. Conducting research and studies for developing and unifying the concepts and methods of work at the Organization and the standardization organizations of the Member States.

  8. 8. Formulation and implementation of training plans covering the Organization''s activities with a view to developing the know-how and skills of the standardization staff in the Member States.

  9. 9. Creating the necessary awareness concerning standardization by dissemination through appropriate media.

  10. 10. Keeping the Gulf standards as well as the Arab, regional and international standards and the relevant references and books at the Organization''s Information Centre according to a sophisticated storage system that facilitates retrieval and utilization thereof, (and) control and implementation of the membership requirements, procedures and fees for applicant establishments and individuals.

  11. 11. Coordinating the positions of the Member States participating in the meetings of Arab, regional and International Standardization Organizations to safeguard the interests of the GCC Member States during the preparation and adoption of technical rules, standards, conformity assessment procedures and other decisions taken by such Organizations.

  12. 12. Participating in the Arab, Regional and International Standardization Organizations that serve the Organization''s purposes.

  13. 13. Providing technical advice to the Members States in the field of standardization.


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