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Bahrain Bowling Association
History and Background


This Championship is sanctioned by WTBA and ABF.  Therefore, WTBA general playing rules & regulations will apply in the event the issue in question is not addressed in this leaflet. The following are the rules that will govern the 6th Kingdom of Bahrain International Bowling Championship, which will be held from 13th to 26th May 2007 at Funland Bowling Centre.

General Rules

Ø      In all cases, WTBA rules and regulations are applied. The decision of the Duty Marshal or his/her delegates is final and binding, unless the protest or appeal is made according to WTBA rules.

Ø      In the event of lane breakdown, at his/her discretion the Duty Marshal or delegate may re-arrange bowlers on different lanes.

Ø      Reserves will not be allowed to participate in semi-final round onwards.

Ø      In second round, latecomers shall start bowling from the frame they arrive upon.

Ø      Only the Duty Marshal shall permit resetting the pins.

Ø      5 minutes practice with pins will be allowed for each squad.

Ø      In the case of more than one bowler scoring the perfect game (300), the number of strikes afterwards shall determine the winner. If the 300 is scored in the 1st and 2nd games, the bowler shall continue the normal games as to not delay the rest. However, if the 300 is scored in the 3rd game, then the bowler shall continue playing on both lanes until he/she fails to strike.

Ø      The Championship high lane and high series will be awarded to the bowler who scores it first.

Ø      The top 32 bowlers shall play their 1st final round from scratch with no pins carried forward from the preliminary round.  The pins carry shall commence from the second round (Top 32) onwards up to the stepladder which will be played from scratch.

Ø      Entry fees must be paid prior to bowling.  Bowlers may reserve and guarantee a squad if advanced payment is arranged.

Ø      Fees once paid, are non-refundable.

Ø      The maximum number of bowlers on a pair of lanes is 4, minimum 2, except for the last squad of each day, which can extend to 6 bowlers, if time allows.

Ø      In the preliminary round, bowlers are requested to bowl on time. Bowlers who have made prior reservations will loose their place if not present at the time of the lane draw. The lane draw will take place 15 minutes prior to commencing the squad.

Ø      Upon transferring lanes in final rounds, bowlers are requested not to move lanes unless indicated by the Head Marshal. There shall be no practice shots while changing lanes.

Ø      Where time allows, the Organising Committee reserves the right to extend the squads during the championship period.  However, on Thursday 24th May, the last squad will be at 22:30hrs.

Ø      It is the responsibility of each bowler to verify the correctness of each game bowled by signing the result sheet, which will be used as an official record. Once signed, the scores shall stand unless otherwise decided by the championship officials.  In the event of the official score sheet not being signed for any reason, the Organising Committee reserves the right to reject the score.

Ø      The Organising Committee will address Unsportsmanlike conduct, at its discretion.

Ø      The Organising Committee reserves the right to disqualify bowlers without refund for a second offence.

Ø      Intentional fouls, altering scores, misbehavior, etc. during play, will lead to disqualification from the match & eventually from the championship by the organizing committee officials. The official T-shirt of the tournament must be worn during play.

Ø      Smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the Centre.

Ø      Men Bowlers are not allowed to wear hats or shorts while bowling.


All National & International professional and amateur bowlers (all categories) in good standing with their National Governing Body are eligible to play.

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