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Gulf Cooperation Council joint Program Production
History and Background

The GCC countries -Joint Production Venture one of the remarkable fruits of the Joint Gulf Cooperation, from the very start of the Venture its is trying and exerting its best efforts to be at the expected level of achieving the strategy of media of information formulated by the leaders of the region, and also to be at the level of aspirations of the GCC countries citizens for a prominent position of the Gulf media of information and presenting the real face of the man in the region.
Given the common civilization, historical and cultural links, that bind the peoples of the GCC countries together with the same social and traditions unifying them as one. Considering the great and important role played by the mass media and information in creating a unified society of the people of this region, it is needed to express the originality of their history and heritage and the unity of their religion, language, traditions and customs that bind them together for the purpose of collaborating the different efforts to coordinate the informational and technical cooperation among them for the development of the common cultural and informational relationships.

The GCC countries have agreed among themselves to establish an organization for the production of joint programs of the GCC countries ?a regional government organization. Its permanent headquarter is in the State of Kuwait ? a legal personality. Founded under the Law Decree No. (71/1976), approved under the agreement for the establishment of the Joint Production Institution signed in Abu Dhabi on 4/1/1976, and subject to the agreement of the Gulf Cooperation Council?s Ministers of Information for production of quality TV programs  serving the Gulf and Arab region technically and culturally.

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