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Life without limbs
Activities and Programs

The ultimate goal is to build the bridge between people and the love of Jesus Christ. Life Without Limbs is a ministry that has a burning passion and fire to see more souls coming to the full knowledge of the hope and love of Jesus. We want to give people the hope in any vehicle possible by the Grace of God.

The six vehicles are as follows:

1. Preaching to Edify the Adult Body of Christ
Nick is being used to share his story of the hope he found in Jesus to thousands at a time at churches and adult Christian Conferences and Events. Nick challenges Believers to stand upon the Promises of God with confidence knowing that we can all trust in the Lord with our circumstances. It is also a real eye-opener to see that if God can use a man without arms or legs to be His Hands and Feet, then He can certainly use any willing heart.

2. Preaching to Edify the Youth Body of Christ
Many teenagers who have committed their life to Jesus find it very difficult to not fall into giving into the ways and mind-sets of today’s world. They find it hard to be in the world, but set apart. Nick challenges Christian teenagers to not worry about what others may think of them, as far as bullying and self-esteem issues. Nick explains that it is logical to ask a second opinion from a doctor with medical issues, well why not get a second opinion when people put you down? The second opinion is the Word of God. When all seems lost, it is very easy for anyone to convince themselves that giving up is the answer. Nick reveals the promises of God and shares his own experiences of how God has transformed his life and has given him strength through times of wanting to give up. He encourages the youth, all around the world to live confidently and boldly in the purposeful life they have through Jesus. Do not conform to the temporary things of this world and to fix their eyes on the eternal hope and purpose.

3. Disability Ministry
Nick is a refreshing hope to all who have a disability, far or near to God. Nick shares about how God has transformed his life from a life without limbs, into a life without LIMITS! He shares key scriptures of how God can use our circumstances for the Glory of His Name.

4. Third World Ministry
In the Third World Society, if anyone is born with a birth defect they are seen as cursed and are killed or abandoned. It is amazing to see the receptiveness of crowds at evangelistic outreaches in these countries and to witness changes in hearts and minds all around the world.

5. Motivational Speaking on the Corporate Level
Nick has been blessed to be a Motivational Speaker at several corporate events and conferences. He shares how certain values and attitudes gave him the right mind-set to overcome the adversity in his life. He challenges the corporate world to have a clear perspective on life, to see what they do have and be thankful for it. To then use the identified gifts to set a vision of achieving a goal or dream in life. And how to make daily choices that helps them get closer to achieving that goal or dream.

6. Motivational Speaking on the High School Level
Nick is a real reality check for many students who see him speak about bullying, self-esteem, perspective, dreaming big and never giving up. Again he covers certain values and attitudes, developed through experience and faith, to get through the difficult times in life. In schools that do not permit the Gospel to be preached, we team up with a local church and invite them to youth rallies.


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