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ATMATA Kendram
Mechanism of Operation

. create awareness among the public about the dangers of alcoholism, drug abuse, tobacco use, STDs and HIV/AIDS.

•  impart behavior change communication to the alcoholics, drug abusers and other high risk groups through Motivation, Counseling, Treatment, Follow up and Rehabilitation.

•  facilitate Research, Training, documentation and publishing of IEC materials.

•  promote integral health and healthy life style.

•  coordinate the Networking of NGOs with the same aims and views.

•  empower the women and children to face the day today challenges.

•  develop and adopt cyber technology for the enhancement of communication skills.

•  carry out activities for the youth especially in the spheres of sports, games, culture etc.. and to associate with national and international agencies of similar nature.

•  carry our programmes for the treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up of patients affected by mental problems and other diseases demanding long term care and support.

•  carry out activities and programmes for the up keep, welfare and treatment of disabled persons such as mentally retarded , physically handicapped, cancer patients, patients with kidney problems , Cerebral palsy, Parkinson''s disease (Alzheimer''s disease) and other diseases of similar nature.

•  carry out activities for the welfare of the rural folk and urban slum dwellers, mainly for providing clean drinking water, sanitation, health programmes etc. ., for the up keep of the society.

•  run, conduct , maintain hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, health care centers , early detection centers, therapy centers etc., especially for women and children.

•  conduct research and development centers in the field of medicine, health, sanitation , pollution etc.,

•  conduct camps, seminars, meetings, conferences, study classes to create awareness among the public on the causes and effects of pollution of air, water and environment.

•  establish, run, maintain research and development centers for preventing Cancer, HIV/AIDS, T.B, STIs, malnutrition etc. To establish, run and main educational centers necessary and medical institutions , including colleges, schools, training centers, research and development centers in the field of medicine, engineering and computer sciences.

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