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Sudan National Committee on Traditional Practices affecting the health of women and children "SNCTP"
Activities and Programs

SNCTPs' Programmes and Activities:
•Awareness and guidance in rural and urban areas.
•Capacity building in proposals and reports writing, plans, negotiation, fund raising, monitoring systems, supervision and evaluation.
•Training on traditional and up-to-date researches' approaches, communication, documentation and psychological counseling.
•Training in programmes on HTPs abolition.
•Scientific contribution in related issues locally, regionally and internationally.
•Awareness raising through specialist team leaded by powerful religious leaders in multi-religion and constitution communities.
•Expanding its branches and networks in rural areas.
•Distribution of social peace and human right culture.
•Stopping HIV/AIDS.
•Production and distribution of printed materials.
•Training in economical skills for those outside the education field.

Target Groups:
•Communities practice FGM with focusing on rural areas.
•Religious, youth, teachers and politicians at local municipalities level.
•Health workers, Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), midwives and medical officers at urban and rural levels.
•Media and legal personnel.
•Pupils at primary and secondary schools.
•Universities' students in Sudan, there are more than 30 universities and institutes.

SNCTPs' Pivots:
1- SNCTP working in more than 80 issue linking with miss-conception that observed from various Sudan tribes and classified in the followings packages:
a- HTPs package that have negative affect on health and development.
b- HTPs package that comer from outside the country.
c- Package of aberrant and going to aberrant behavior.

2- Encourage and develop best practices scientifically and authenticate them for the current life.

Networks Memberships:
At national level:
Sudanese network on abolition of FGM/HTPs:
SNCTP in-collaboration with IAC and the Japanese women against FGM organization (WAAF) initiated the creation of the Sudanese network on abolition of FGM/HTPs. It was registered in 2003 and officially recognized by the government as well as the regional network (IAC). The network composes of (62) national NGOs, CBOs and private research centres. It was hosted by SNCTP in its permanent residence. SNCTP was elected a coordinating body for the network. Its aim is to speed-up the implementation of the FGM Zero Tolerance programme.

Sudan Council for Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA), 1990.
Sudanese HIV/AIDS network, 1995.
Sudanese women network on peace and development, 1998.
Sudanese Human Rights network, 2002.

At Regional Level:
IAC network (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), since 1986.
Arab NGOs network, Cairo, Egypt, 2000.
Arab council for children and development, Cairo, Egypt, 2000.
African Human Rights committee, Banjul, Gambia, 2002.

In regard of operational research, capacity building on FGM process and impacts indicators as well as knowledge stages of social change and so forth, SNCTP has developed links with the British Council and some universities in USA and Europe. It is worthwhile to mention that, SNCTP had constructed the ground floor of its own permanent residence in which it secured a large training and documentation centre for facilitating students and concern sectors' and NGOs' missions. Appeals were sent to partners to contribute to the construction of the 1st and 2nd floors of the building for future investments and sustainability.

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