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Adolescent Health and Information Projects (AHIP)
Mechanism of Operation

Capacity Building

Strengthened capacity of stakeholders to design and manage SRH&R and HIV/AIDS programs for sustainable impact

Strategic Objective
To enhance the capacity of AHIP, NGOs/CBOs and stakeholders to design and manage innovative Reproductive Health & Rights and HIV/AIDS interventions
To improve capacity of women and young people for increased access to means of livelihood
To strengthen AHIP Human Development Institute


Improved enabling environment for SRH&R, HIV/AIDS and women development programs

Strategic Objective

To influence and increase support for the formulation and enactment of policies and funding of SRH &R, HIV/AIDS and women development programs
To collaborate with others to design and implement RH and HIV/AIDS advocacy programs
To create and maintain a network of advocates for sustained advocacy efforts
To strengthen capacity of stakeholders for focused and expanded advocacy
To improve AHIP advocacy package

Service delivery

Increased access to quality FP/RH and HIV/AIDS services

Strategic Objective

To improve the attitude and skills of service providers to deliver clinic and community based quality FP/RH and HIV/AIDS services
To expand access to broad range of integrated services to women young people and children
To upgrade existing clinics and establish new ones for increased access to services
To increase demand for FP/RH and HIV/AIDS services amongst clients

Public Enlightenment

Increased awareness of youth and women of RH and HIV/AIDS issues

Strategic Objective

To increase access of young people and women to RH/FP and HIV/AIDS information using multi dimensional approaches
To strengthen partnership with the media and others for wider coverage and dissemination of RH and HIV/AIDS information
To collaborate and partner with other stakeholders for focused awareness activities on FP/RH and HIV/AIDS
To enhance the design, production and dissemination of public enlightenment packages

Institutional Capacity Building

Strengthened management, institutional and technological capacity for sustainability of AHIP

Strategic Objective

To strengthen the skills of AHIP human resources (Board, staff and volunteers) for improved performance
To improve management systems within AHIP for increased productivity
To diversify and strengthen resource base of AHIP for financial sustainability
To improve infrastructure and technology for effective design and implementation of AHIP programs
To strengthen documentation and data collection and management for decision making

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