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African Women's Development & Communication Network (FEMNET)
Mechanism of Operation

This strategic plan, which covers the period 2005 - 2007, is a strategic framework to provide direction and focus to FEMNET''s work during the next three years. The eponymous changes that have occurred in the operating environment in the last few years necessitated a review of FEMNET''s strategic position. This plan aims to step up momentum in pursuing the mandate of and consolidating FEMNET''s niche in the empowerment of women in Africa.

The process for producing this strategic plan was interactive and participatory. It involved key stakeholders in the fora that culminated in this final plan. The first forum was the Programming Conference/General Assembly (PC/GA) in Nairobi, Kenya in August 2003. Participants included FEMNET''s members, Executive Board members and Trustees. Outputs were fed into the strategic planning development process. The second process was the evaluation of FEMNET whose recommendations fed into the PC/GA. The third forum was the strategy development forum held in Nairobi in October 2004. Participants of this forum were staff members, Executive Board members, Trustees and representatives of funding agencies. Key components of the process in this final forum were:

· An environmental scan and analysis of trends and changes affecting women in Africa;
· A review of FEMNET''s vision, mission and core values;
· An analysis of FEMNET''s core competencies, opportunities and threats;
· A determination of strategic priorities for the future;

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