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Actions against climate change
Take Action This is a dynamic and growing list of the actions you can take to stop climate chaos. It was inspired by Rising Tide UK''s 50 things you can do list. If you have any suggested additions, leave a comment at the bottom of this page. If it''s genuine, we''ll probably add it.
Let it never be said that "there''s nothing I can do to fight climate change!"

Thousand strong direct action shuts down Carrington coal line
Take Action Campaigns RT Actions exports Engage Media provide this terrific video from the huge Camp for Climate action protest on Sunday 13th July.
It was amazing, powerful, important ... we were proud to be part of it.

Stop Plans for New Coal Plants in NSW: Write a Letter
Take Action Campaigns burning The NSW Government is currently making plans to increase electricity supply in the state, due to growing demand. Although are there are sustainable ways to solve the problem, the government has indicated that the outcome will instead be new coal-fired power stations. Due to our dependency on coal, electricity generation in Australia already accounts for about half our greenhouse pollution emissions, and is therefore our major contribution to global climate change. In NSW, approximately 90% ofelectricity is produced from the combustion of coal.

Help Stop Hunter Coal Export Expansion:
Take Action At around 80 million tonnes a year, Newcastle exports more coal than any other harbour in the world. Scientists inform us that global greenhouse pollution, and therefore fossil fuel use, must be reduced radically and immediately if the world is to avoid the most devastating potential impacts of climate change. Instead, Hunter coal exports are about to undergo a massive expansion. Through infrastructure projects like the Sandgate Rail Flyover (due for completion this year), and the third Newcastle coal loader (2009), Hunter coal exports are set to increase by at least 65% in the next few years.



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