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Alive & Kicking UK
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Alive & Kicking has 3 aims:
• To donate durable, repairable leather balls to children in some of the poorest communities in Africa
• To warn children about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB by printing every ball with health awareness messages
• To employ out of work adults in Africa at a fair wage to hand stitch these balls
Every child should be able to play games - not only those who can afford to. African youngsters love football, but often the only ball they have ever played with is the one they make themselves from plastic bags and string.  Our balls are made by skilled African stitchers, using African leather and designed for harsh African conditions. They last far longer than other balls, and can be easily repaired. Balls are distributed to children through donation from individuals, NGOs, Corporate donors, governement departments and international agencies.
Giving children joy through play is wonderful. Helping them stay alive is even better. Diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB kill millions in sub-Saharan Africa. Every one of our balls is printed with preventive health messages relating to these fatal diseases. These balls serve to facilitate further health education by acting as a focal point for teachers and coaches to speak to children about the dangers of disease. 
Balls which provide jobs, not just fun. Alive & Kicking currently employs 150 stitchers in 3 factories in Kenya, Zambia and South Africa, providing jobs to those who would otherwise be out of work. Local stitchers produce up to 3 balls a day. Approximately 7,000 balls bounce out of our factories every month.
If you donate a ball you not only give the poorest kids the chance to play - you will also put them in touch with vital, life-saving information and create jobs.


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