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Rare has built a suite of tools and programs design to support local conservationists managing outreach efforts around the world.  By investing in leaders at the local level, Rare can ultimatey have a far greater impact on communities living in areas of high biodiversity than would be possible on our own.

Rare trains activists from all parts of the world at three central locations -- the University of Guadalajara, the University of Kent, and the Bogor Institute in Indonesia (with a fourth program soon to launch in China). Graduates of Rare''s diploma program go on to run full scale outreach campaigns in their communities -- offering people meaningful reasons to protect their natural surroundings, reduce waste,  minimize deforestation, practice more sustainable agriculture, and take pride in their heritage.

Motivating people to embrace conservation means addressing a whole host of underlying social, economic and political factors that lead to environmental threats. Rare tackles these factors using both social marketing and business development tools. Below are our two main programs.

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