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AMAR International Charitable Foundation
History and Background

The AMAR International Charitable Foundation is a not-for-profit professional health and education provider that initiated operations in the summer of 1991, with the purpose of providing assistance to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees and internally displaced persons.

AMAR provided thousands of tonnes of food and clothing, medical supplies, clean water and sanitation services. It has built and maintained health centres and schools in neighbouring countries as well as inside Iraq.

In 1996 AMAR extended this work to Lebanon, and has also worked in Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan. Today AMAR provides extensive professional public health and education services throughout Iraq and in Lebanon.

Our role is to bring public health and education to people who need it in areas where the capacity presently does not exist within those services, and to create structures and systems for the long term, built on a foundation of excellence and experience.

Every person has a right to education and health care, and this principle has focused the organisation in its work. Our delivery of service provision rest on a firm understanding of the communities and countries within which we work, and a methodology of substantive research and survey work to identify those in most need.

AMAR has partnership agreements with World Health Organisation, UNESCO and UNHCR and is guided by UN standards in relation to the organisation’s professional work.

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