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Canadian Nature Federation (CNF)
History and Background

About Us 

Nature Canada... Building a Nature Nation

Nature Canada is a member-based non-profit conservation organization. Our network includes 40,000 supporters and more than 350 naturalist organizations across Canada.

Our mission is to protect nature, its diversity, and the processes that sustain it.

Our strategies are based on sound science and a passion for nature.

Our focus is on effecting change on issues of national significance, including bird conservation, wilderness protection, endangered species and national parks.

Through our conservation work, we:

- Support on-the-ground, community-based efforts to protect animals, plants and habitat for future generations
- Push for effective laws and supporting policies that protect endangered species today
- Encourage the development of an effective network of parks and protected areas from coast to coast to coast
- Conserve bird habitat and promote biodiversity in Canada and abroad
- Through our outreach and education programs, we:

- Help introduce thousands of children to nature every year
- Educate people about the benefits of nature to humankind
- Recruit more nature enthusiasts to the cause of protecting nature and the processes that sustain it

Our History

Reginald Whittemore founded Nature Canada in 1939, when he launched the magazine Canadian Nature in honour of his late wife Mabel Frances, an educator and nature lover whose main goal in life was to share her passion for nature with others.

Since then, we have been connecting Canadians to nature, instilling within each of us a respect for nature, an appreciation for its wonders, and a will to act in nature’s defense.

We have grown to become a national organization with 40,000 supporters and a network of more than 350 naturalist organizations operating at the local, regional and provincial levels.


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