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Canadian Nature Federation (CNF)
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People are at the centre of what we do. Thanks to thousands of supporters, volunteers, the board of directors and staff at Nature Canada and throughout the network, we are building a Nature Nation. We focus on the following areas.

Bird Conservation
Because 89 percent of Canada’s birds spend part of the year in other countries, Nature Canada treats bird conservation as an international endeavour. We work with governments, scientists, birders and non-governmental experts to conserve species throughout their ranges.

We are an active member in the global partnership called BirdLife International. Here in Canada we support the Important Bird Area program, empower Canadians to become stewards who make a difference to our country’s birds, and share information with global partners on land-use, political and economic issues.

Connecting People to Nature
Nature Canada seeks to foster a better understanding of nature and the role Canadians can play in protecting it. Our programs and outreach materials raise awareness of issues, provide tools and sound advice, and provide access for people to play a part in conserving Canada’s natural heritage, and connect with the natural world.

Endangered Species
Every year, more of Canada’s treasured animals and plants are threatened with extinction. For most species, the loss and degradation of their habitat – their home – is the central cause of their endangerment. Nature Canada works to reverse this trend by informing the public about the plight of Canada’s species at risk, pushing for effective laws and supporting programs to protect endangered animals and their habitat.

Protected Areas
Nature Canada keeps a constant watch on government plans to create protected areas and undertakes projects that encourage the development of an effective network of parks and protected areas from coast to coast to coast.

We work to complete Canada’s National Parks system and to safeguard individual parks from threats to their ecological integrity. We also work to strengthen Canada’s system of National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries so that vital habitat for migratory birds and species at risk is preserved.

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